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Character Intro: Carlayton (Carl) Litt

Name: Carlayton Litt
Nickname: Carl

Age: 23
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Weight: 205 lbs
Eyes: hazel
Hair: red, tending toward auburn
Skin Tone: tanned

Hometown: unknown
Family: none known
Professions: none

Distinguishing Marks/Items:
He has some training scars, and blade scars on the backs of his hands, but nothing that is particularly remarkable in a warrior.
His hair is worn in "warrior's braids" which lie atop his shoulders.  He sports a beard and moustache which are neatly trimmed.

Favorite Food: He's expressed no particular preferences.
Favorite Color: Red; silver
Favorite Weapon: axe; sword
Favorite City: Stormwind
Favorite Pastime: Learning; History
Personal Hero: Bolvar Fordragon
Hated Foes: Criminal gangs

Introverted/Extraverted? Moderately introverted
Intuitive/Sensing? Intuitive
Thinking/Feeling? Thinking
Judgemental/Perceiving? Judgemental

Carl was found on the steps of the Stormwind Orphanage, apparently aged about three.  He was accompanied by a trio of small whelplings.  No guards saw or heard anything, and neither did the usual night-owls at the Cathedral.  It has since been determined that at least two of his whelplings are of kinds which should not have existed (at least on Azeroth) yet at that time.  His exact origin remains a mystery.

The boy was curious, and a quick learner, but not considered a good student because of his habit of asking troubling questions.  He never questioned a teacher's authority, but he did always want to know why things were as they are, and not some other way.  He was also fond of the outdoors and fairly athletic.  He wound up on a warrior's path, having shown no proclivity for any mystical arts or callings.  He kept at his studies, in his off time frequenting the libraries and archives available to him.  His passion was history, as he kept trying to find out the reasons behind the way things happened.
Eventually, when he was about seventeen, he was hired into the Stormwind Guard, where he remained as an odd-jobs guardsman until the most recent New Year's Day.  The Guard discharged him for "gross insubordination", once again because he asks disturbing questions.  He never disobeyed orders, but he did keep asking about the "bigger picture" behind the orders.  Some of his superiors apparently got tired of that.
A few weeks before his discharge, he had met some members of the Shadow of the Moon at the Wandering Dragon, and he wound up there again the night after being discharged.  There some of his "spare time" activities (on behalf of the guild) came to light, and he was surprised to find himself suddenly acclaimed a member, and given a new home.
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