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(Story) A Chance Encounter in Stormwind (part 3)

The white-blonde faux human pulls the stool in her room up to the simple desk that's attached to the wall.  Placing some cheap parchment and a few envelopes on the desk, she seats herself.  With a tired sigh, she opens the inkwell and selects a quill, with a quick glance out her window at the barest hint of light in the pre-dawn sky.

As the scratching sounds of writing start, the shadows on the room's bed stir.  The clicking of hooves across the floorboards precedes the emergence of a succubus into the small bit of light cast by the hooded lamp.  "Mistress, why are you up so early?"

Dree smiles without turning, knowing that the sayaad can sense it through their bond without having to see it.  "Because this is the best time to find everyone else here asleep, my dear."

Dislia gives a snort of disapproval, shaking her head.  "They would help if you asked them, you know."

Pausing, the seated woman nods with a sigh.  "Yes, or even if just told them too much of what I'm off to do even without asking.  That's why I'm not giving them the chance, Dis.  I can't take the risk."  She resumes writing, addressing an envelope.

The stamp of a hoof accompanies another derisive snort.  "So be picky about the ones you take when half the hall volunteers!"

The part-time human blinks at the tone of voice even as she starts writing out a second note.  "You fear my risk of doing this without their help so much, then?"

"Yes!" the demon nearly hisses.  "You keep taking risks here, mistress, and they are building.  And I keep feeling your thought of doing it all in your current form this time.  You can't!"

A deep sigh comes as Dree nods.  "Yes, that is so.  The transformation still limits my power too much.  I do know that, Dis, no matter how much it may seem that I forget it.  My plan isn't to abandon my power.  I'm just working on how to avoid having to use too much of it."

The succubus smacks her hip in frustration.  "Why avoid it?!?  Why not just destroy them?"

A small shake of her head dislodges some of the seated woman's hair.  "Because they would only be replaced by something worse.  You know that.  And not all their abused peasants would come back here with me even then.  They would fear me too much.  The problems of Alterac are not the sort you can solve that way, and you yourself helped me learn that, my dear.  Why are you being this way?"  She pauses in her writing, tapping her cheek with the plume of the quill.

"I'm afraid you're going to get yourself killed is why!  I don't want to be without you, Jendria!"

Dree sets the quill aside and spins about, moving to take the demon into her arms.  "I know you don't, my dear... and I do have a plan.  We're not going to get me killed, Dis."

The sayaad squirms free of the embrace, waving her arms in time with an agitated beat of her wings.  "Fine... now there's a 'we', but you've sent all the others away!"  She turns back to face her mistress at the sound of a soft chuckle.

"Oh, no, Dis!  I'm sorry you weren't close enough to know... they're fetching things for me, is all.  They'll be back soon, and we'll be off together.  Our own little strike force, aimed at the goal... and refusing to take 'no' for an answer.  Your help will be much appreciated, but I don't expect you to shoulder the sole burden of keeping me alive, my dear."

The succubus eyes her mistress, then nods, furling her wings again.  "All right.  So you've just been keeping things close again."  She tilts her head, the shadow from her horns looking like one is embedded in the ceiling.  "Speaking of which, what did you do with that token from Jehanne?"

Dree chuckles as she resumes her seat and her writing.  "I pinned it to my chest, of course, much like that trollish amulet.  But I think you rather knew that."

The demon shakes her head, eyeing her nails.  "Your fondness for pain will get you into trouble yet."

Another chuckle comes as her mistress scratches at the scar on her neck.  "It already has, as you well know.  Pity I had to blame you for that in public, but I didn't think the others would understand at all."  She finally finishes her second note and sands them both to fix the ink.

Watching the actions, Dislia blinks in surprise.  "You wrote that with the wrong hand... and it's awfully sloppy."

A musical laugh gets cut short, with a guilty look at the noise.  "Ah, but this note is for public posting, and I don't think I should be able to write very well as what I'm supposed to be.  I didn't see how else I could manage to write badly enough."

The demon nods with a quietly breathed "Ah."

Dree carefully folds the first note and seals it into the addressed envelope.  "Please be a dear and do me the favour of delivering this while I pack?  Just under her door will be fine - I don't want to wake her."

Taking up the envelope, the succubus vanishes from view.  The door quietly opens and closes with only a gentle breeze marking her airborne passage.  The equally quiet return finds Dree checking over her packs, waiting on the return of the other demons from their errands before she leaves.
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