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(Story) A Vacation Home

(( OOC Note: This vignette comes only a short time before Nadezhda's receipt of the cited letter.))


The white-haired blood elf looks up from the writing desk where she is sitting.  Her glowing, fel-green eyes re-focus as she turns toward the silky voice of the inquiring succubus.

"What are you working on that vexes you so?"

The sin'dorei woman's normally serious mien gains a faint, fond smile.  "Ah, dear Dislia, you do try to look after me..."  She chuckles softly.  "I'm trying to word a letter to Naddie, and having a frustrating time getting the nuances right in any language that I'm sure she'll understand."  A quick, frustrated sigh escapes from her, and she shakes her head.  "I don't know how much Common she really remembers, and Orcish is just not suitable at all."

The succubus pretends to examine her nails, while watching her mistress's reactions from the corner of her eye.  "What is the letter about?  How much in the way of nuances does the Forsaken really need from you?"

The blood elf draws in a breath to answer the first question, then blinks in surprise, cutting off a sharp laugh as she hears the second.  "That is a good question, indeed, Dis.  Perhaps I am over-thinking my translation."  She smiles at the succubus again.  "As to the subject, I finally have something to deliver to her from her daughter - something that will need more explanation than I can safely commit to a letter, so I have to meet with her."

The demon nods, and glides around behind her mistress, whose shoulders she starts massaging.  "Is it the item you were hoping for?"

A soft, appreciative "mmm" escapes the seated woman's lips as she nods in answer to the quesiton.  "Yes, it is  And thus, I have to be circumspect in the letter, since I don't know how many prying eyes may peek at it before it finally reaches her."

"Oh, yes.  You don't really know where she is right now, do you?"

The blood elf shakes her head, making the tendrils danging from her coiffure dance.  "No.  Not since my trip to Light's Hope Chapel and my discovery that the Argent Dawn have released her from the duties they'd been asking of her in the blighted remains of Lordaeron.  I'll probably have to send multiple copies via different couriers to be sure it gets to her."

"Not just to Thrallmar, then?"

The sin'dorei shakes her head more gently this time.  "Not just there, but also to Shattrath, and even general delivery in the Undercity, just to try to cover the possibilities."  She gives a small sigh.  "I rather expect her to ally with the Aldor, which will complicate things for me a bit, but it can't be helped."

Still massaging, Dislia nods.  "Once you've sent this letter - what then?"

Her mistress chuckles again.  "Oh, tending to some business, ensuring the maintenance of the estate and such, and walk through Silvermoon....  It's so relaxing to be back in a city where I don't have to be so nervous all the time."  She sighs heavily.  "But then, a few days at most, and I need to return.  There is too much still to learn there."

Finishing the massage with a quick caress of the shoulders, the succubus steps back.  "Dree...."

The blood elf sits up straight with a start, thinking to herself.  Dislia has only used even my given name at most a handful of times... and a nickname never.  Pay attention, Jendria - this matters to her.  "Yes?"

The demon swallows and takes a deep breath.  With pleading evident in her voice, she asks, "Take me with you this time?"

Jendria turns slowly in her chair, blinking.  "Dislia, I can't have any companions during most of the travelling... but I can certainly have you with me more while I'm in places of relative safety or seclusion there."  She gives a sad smile.  "I'm sorry I haven't thought to invite you along before now."

The succubus glides forward and gives her mistress a quick but firm hug.  "Thank you, Jendria!  Thank you!"

Breathing a soft chuckle, the blood elf reaches out and caresses the demon's arm.  "But of course, my dear.  Perhaps we shall make an evening of it, strolling about the bank and the houses of auction... seeing whom we can surprise in Murder Row, and generally enjoying ourselves in town?"  She chuckles at Dislia's happy nod.  "But first, I must get this letter written."  She turns back to the desk and starts over on a fresh sheet of vellum.  The writing is in the elegant, flowing hand one might expect of a noble of Silvermoon, even though the language is not Thalassian.

"Dearest Nadezhda," she begins....

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