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(Story) Asmerglis Meets Stormwind City

(( This is part 1 of 2. Continued in "Asmerglis Meets Shadow of the Moon". ))


Asmerglis listened, both angered and ashamed, as she heard King Wrynn's response to the presentation of credentials she and the other Knights of the Ebon Blade had brought.  Her mood lightened somewhat at his proclamation, however, which held no hint of the warnings in his direct response to the Knights.  "Perhaps," she mused silently to herself, "there really is hope for this alliance, after all.  We may not have to be a third, separate, army against the Scourge."

After the proclamations had been sounded by the criers, and the King gave the Knights his leave to go, the erstwhile delegation broke up.  Most of the Knights had little in common with each other, and only a few small groups kept together.  Most went off individually, despite the reception they'd had from the Stormwind residents and guards on their way in.  The Kal'dorei woman watched this happen even as she went on her own separate way, and wondered, "Are we brave, foolish, or suicidal, in this?  Can even all the guards be relied upon to obey their king's decrees when no one is watching, when it regards the likes of us?"

Shrugging to herself, Asmerglis dismissed the maunderings as being not immediately something she could resolve.  She removed her helm, and stuffed it into her pack.  That item, least of all, did she want to be wearing right now, since it had been presented to her directly by the Lich King himself.  Looking down at the style of the rest of her armour and garb, she sighed.  "This will not do at all!  I look both Scourge and trollop."  She shook her head and started wandering, looking for suitable merchants.

After only a little searching, she found a textiles shop in the Old Town, and went in.  The middle-aged woman behind the counter eyed Asmerglis with suspicion, which the night elf had expected.  "Good day.  I'm looking for something more suitable to wear in your city..."  She broke off upon seeing that her voice had changed the shopkeeper's reaction from mild hostility to dread.  She shook her head and turned on her heel, managing as she fled the shop to get out a "Sorry to have disturbed you."

Fighting against tears of shame, Asmerglis resumed looking for shops, a bit less eagerly as she debated with herself.  "Is this the effect I'm to have on any of this city's civilians?  Should I even be trying, or should I stop terrorizing them before I ruin all their days?"  By the time she found the next shop, she had resolved to try twice more before giving up.

In her searching, she was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the guards.  "They may look at me a bit more than other people they see, but I'm in full armour with a huge sword across my back.  They should look harder.  I don't know how well they'd react if I asked them for directions, and I shan't try their patience that way, but their king's decrees do seem to have removed any unsolicited signs of hostility." 

The second shop she found was in the trade district.  She could feel all the eyes upon her as she entered the shop, but she saw neither fear nor outright glares, so she looked about quickly at the wares.  She discovered that the establishment catered to armour more than clothing, as she'd hoped, but the clothier was at least being formally courteous to her, and did have some nice tops in stock for wearing under armour, so Asmerglis bought a blue silk blouse, and overpaid a bit on purpose.  In response, the woman gave her directions to a shop that catered more to the kind of clothing she'd been seeking.

Following those directions out to the canals, the Knight smiled grimly to herself.  "Buying courtesy will only last me so long, given the state of my purse, but at least it's a start."  Coming to the indicated dressmaker's shop, she took a deep breath to calm herself, and entered in.

"Hello! I'm Lisbeth. How may I help you?"  The knight was taken aback by the friendly greeting, and stopped in surprise, a smile spreading across her face.  "Erm, I'm looking for clothing that's more..." she looks down at her armour. "Mmm, or perhaps simply is suitable, that is, to wear when not on duty."

Lisbeth Schneider started a little when Asmerglis first spoke, but shook off her reaction enough to laugh pleasantly when the vague request was made to her.  "Well, what you have on is rather imposing, isn't it?" she quipped, while approaching Asmerglis and pulling out a measuring tape.  "Let's see what size you really are, dearie, and then I'll know what I have on hand that will work for you."

A pleasant interlude of shopping later, and after use of the shop's fitting rooms, Asmerglis left in a new dress and outdoor-grade slippers, with additional clothing on order to be picked up a few days later.  She resumed wandering about the city, looking now for a taven where she might find, if not welcome, at least enough acceptance to have a meal and a drink or two.  She crossed over the canals, looking at the signs along the water, before coming to the archway into the dwarven district.  She looked in, and her nose wrinkled a bit at the smokey fumes.  She shrugged, then, and continued in, considering that the atmosphere at Ebon Hold wasn't always that much better
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