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/me does the happy silly giddy bouncy dance!

Yes, my leagueofjustus character Adriellyn hit 50 last night (more like this morning, about 0250 local time). [That's on Triumph, for those not in the know.]

[ding!]The moment of dinging.

[Hero of the City!]The final training-up.

For those who are sick enough to care, cohdemo files for playback with "CityofHeroes.exe -demoplay <file>" are available. [I'm not sure of the exact syntax to make it work, check the forums if you're curious and don't already know. Then tell me. (:] The trip to ding, and the celebration afterward, which will probably make you seasick. I bounced a lot. (:

Those files are marked as .txt to help be sure browsers will download them. They may have to be named .cohdemo and not .cohdemo.txt for playback. I didn't check.

My new warshade, Chernaya (on Triumph), made level 4 before I decided that I needed a quick nap before work.

/me does yet more happy silly giddy bouncy dance....

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