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(Story) Reassignment (my last archived part)

(( I had to skip some because it was all "Wendy"'s, and thus no copyright of mine was involved. This picks up after Naddie has awakened from her second vision out of the memory crystal. ))

((Written by both myself and Adriellyn.))

Dree fairly leapt from her chair to put her arm around the priestess, concern furrowing her brow.  "Naddie!  Are you back with me?"  The sin'dorei's voice was calm, but her lower lip quivered slightly as she awaited the reply.  In the meanwhile, Dislia had flared and re-furled her wings, and recovered the crystal, placing it on the nightstand.  The imp, Rupgup, was no longer anywhere to be seen in the room.

The Forsaken swooned, groaning in pain and confusion, as she fought to remember where she was.  The thin layer of bluish flesh that covered her cheekbones appeared paler than usual and her eyes, when she finally opened them, searched wildly around the room.

"Dree," she gasped, as her surroundings finally became familiar again. 

The sin'dorei nodded, continuing to hold her friend.  "Yes, Naddie, I'm here.  We're at the manor, in my room.  Do you remember coming here?" 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," the Forsaken whispered as she slowly pulled herself back into a sitting position on the bed.  "I had no idea - I couldn't have prepared myself for how vivid it would be.  How real."

Dree nodded with a wry smile as the succubus relaxed her guard.  "Yes... now you see why I wanted you on a bed, where I could watch over you."  With a soft sigh, she tilted her head.  "You seem... rather upset by what you saw...?"

"I remember them as so much younger than they really were," Naddie said, as much to herself as to the sin'dorei.  "I'd managed to convince myself that perhaps they didn't remember as much I did about that night and ... that man.  But she - Blodwyen - she remembers everything," Naddie put her bony fingers to her temple as she slowly shook her head.

"'That night'...?"  Her head tilted in curiosity.  "I'm here to listen... or to offer whatever other help I can.  I hope you know that."  She offered a comforting smile.

"Dree," the priestess said, her voice entreating.  "I do not mean to be disrespectful and I hope you will be able to understand why I would ask it of you.  Please, please give me some time to think on what I've seen?"  She did her best to offer her friend a kind smile.  "Besides, you've been up all night watching over me and I know you must need to sleep."

The blood elf nodded with a wry chuckle.  "You do have a point."  She gave the other woman a quick, gentle hug.  "If thinking about it is better for you right now than talking about it, then of course it's what you should do.  She stood and laid a reassuring hand on the priestess's shoulder.  "You rest and think here, then.  I'll use Telquessa's room... but don't be afraid to wake me if you do want to talk."  She smiled warmly.

"Thank you," Naddie said, unable to prevent the relieved sigh that escaped her lips.  "And, Dree ... thank you for bringing this to me," she said with a nod to the nightstand where Dislia had placed the crystal.  "Sleep well."

With a smile, the blood elf nodded.  "How could I not do so for a friend?"  The succubus opened the door, and the two left the room together, closing the door behind them.  As they walked down the hall, Dree muttered to herself under her breath.  Only the bond between them allowed Dislia to understand the words at all.  "I will not go scrub until I bleed.  She is not a corpse!  I. Will. Not. Fail. Her."

Nadezhda remained sitting upright in the bed, listening as she heard Dree's footsteps make their way to Telquessa's room.  When she could no longer hear the faint sounds of Dree preparing herself for sleep, the Forsaken finally stood and gathered the few things she had brought with her to the manor.  With a final glance at the memory crystal that she left on the nightstand, Naddie stole from the room as quietly as she could, making her way through the manor and out into the night.

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