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I've posted a bunch of stuff from the forums of my current guild that I have sufficient 'rights' to. The GuildPortal agreement may state that they have copyright, but I'm pretty sure that's non-exclusive even if so. Thus, if I wrote at least part of it, I figure I can post it here. Sadly, some of one of the story threads is missing precisely because I didn't contribute to some of the pieces. (That's "Reassignment", for those who are curious enough to go looking.)

I back-dated the entries to match their posting dates on the guild forums (and to keep from flooding friends pages). All of them have the "wow" tag, just as this entry has. The character introduction posts have the "intro" tag, and the role-playing stories have the "story" tag. The older stories are in <DIV> elements that mimic the "house style" of the guild forum. That's because I was using (abusing?) colour in the posts to help guide people as to which character was speaking. I gave up on that after a while, so entries which don't have that also don't have the black background and white text forced on them. Those are hidden inside LJ cuts anyway, so if you're just browing this journal or my tags pages, those entries won't be ugly blotches there.

I'll be posting separately about why I've suddenly decided to copy the posts here.

Otherwise, and for other information about me in WoW, see my user page on WoWwiki.
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