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WoW guild application: Ashila Icereaver

(( This was my first character in Shadow of the Moon, so this is her application. I decided to archive it because of the in-character bit at the end. ))

1. Why is a guild devoted to Role Playing important to you?

I chose to be on an RP server because I greatly prefer to be involved in RP. I like the immersiveness of not just having to catch a little of it here and there.

2. How would you define a "mature" style of gameplay?

Respect for other players, mainly. This includes the standard litany of good RPing items like "no god-modding", but really goes beyond it to just keeping in mind that there's another live human being behind the other character (extend as necessary to multiple characters), and respecting their feelings, schedules, etc.

3. What are your feelings about PvP gameplay on a PvE server?

I'm not a huge PvP fan, though I don't hate it, either. In fact, some elements of it I think can enhance the stories being enacted. I just don't want it rammed down my throat - but I've already posted about that at great length.

4. In our Guild Charter, we state that "we feel we have a responsibility for the world we inhabit." What does this statement mean to you?

Primarily, to me, it means keeping my answer to #2 above in mind outside a guild or guild alliance, as well as within it. There's also a certain amount of involvement in the greater story as set by Blizzard that I think it might imply, as well.

5. Situation: You are an enchanter that just received a rare item you cannot wear as a player. You know another member of the guild could wear the item. However, you know if you disenchant the item your enchanting skills could increase and benefit the entire guild. What do you do with the item?

I talk with the other player. If they're on the fence about the dilemma as well, then I give to them. If not, I go with their decision. My 'chanter has always been able to get other items, sometimes even from guildies, so DEing doesn't override using in my mind.

6. Why do you want to join the Shadow of the Moon guild amid all the other guild choices on our server?

Cool people that I'm already involved in RPing with.

7. Give us a brief RP introduction to your character. Write the introduction in-character and include some history on your character's values and any quirks or character flaws.

A dwarven female with braided hair and dressed in 'working leathers' is skulking about in the rocks somewhere in the Arathi Highlands. She moves slowly and carefully, seeming preternaturally quiet and somehow finding shadows even in the noontide light. Finally, after a slow, methodical bit of searching about, she comes upon a Syndicate camp.

Moving with even more care now, she slips into their tents, stopping only to relieve one of the sentries of a loose coinpurse from a position in the long grass. After a quick look in the first two, she comes upon a strongbox in the third tent. It is also occupied. She sidles in and dazes the guard with her cosh. Checking that no alarm was raised, she quickly opens the strongbox with some slim metal tools, then nods to herself at what she finds within. Quickly grabbing the sheaves of paper, she melts into the shadows again and methodically makes her way back out of the camp.

After threading her way far enough out into the rocks again to be sure she's out of sight of the sentries, she breaks into a ground-eating jog, finally getting back to the area of scrub where she had tethered her ram. Seeing to it that he still had plenty of browse, she sits in the shelter of the overhang to examine the documents she had procured, mumbling to herself as she does so.

"Aye, this looks like what Shaw was after. 'Tis a guid thing, too, since me food's runnin' low." She shakes her head, chuckling. "Talkin' tae yerself again, lass. 'Tis a sure sign ye've been away from civilization longer than is good fer ye. Lucky this assignment seems to be done. Back tae Ironforge and Stormwind for some carousin' before takin' the next job from Rolf, aye? Maybe look for some new friends. Not that a Stonefist girl who's out of town for three weeks out o' four can hae many prospects... but that's why ye work fer Shaw, now, isn't it, lass?"

With a shrug, she puts away the plans and checks the lifted coinpurse. "What did ye have, lad, tae repay me fer me troubles? Ah, nae much coin, but some lunch. That's a guid help, indeed. T'yer health, then, lad, and may ye learn to work fer a better employer in the future." She eats some of the ham, then cleans up her campsite and rides off for Southsore.
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