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Update on WoW guild stuff

So, I wrote earlier about having a situation with conflict in my guild that I'd been liking so much. Things moved rapidly, including a long talk I had with the guild leader. The end result is a new guild, and one where I got drafted to be an officer. We're still working out some of our organisational details and getting our new website up and running the way we want it, but it's been a big jolt. The old guild is, at this point, scheduled for a final /gdisband [dissolution] on Monday or so (maybe sooner). Basically, all the officer corps agreed that it was time to lose the baggage of the old guild and start over — and no one wanted to step up and try to take over or salvage what was left. Yes, we offered, and we've kept the offer open. I say "we" even though I wasn't an officer in the previous guild, since I was part of the conspiracy, as it were, besides having an officer's role in the new guild.

As things currently stand, this means working with the one guy I was saying I'd been having issues with. But it's as a peer again, which I can handle even if nothing improves. Better yet, our previous guild leader has offered to mediate to clear the air despite his and my differing communication styles. Since I don't think he's actually a jerk or anything, I'm pretty hopeful that this will help. My previous post apparently focussed too much on the negative there, but he really does have some good points that I like, too, folks. Thank you all for your support, though, it did make me feel better.

And yes, I would have been in 2xp weekend with y'all, except for two things. First, my video card's been overheating (I may have that fixed, but I think it's been damaged by it.) Second, we were organising the new guild and moving fast on things to keep from having a "dirty officer's secret" hidden from the guild for too long. The latter would have limited my 2xp time, but the former is the bigger reason why I pretty much wasn't there at all.

Oh, and for completeness, I should mention that our guild's website is in place, though still very much a work in progress as I write this. We are the guild Renewal on the (US) server Sisters of Elune. No, I don't expect to lure anyone over to join us — but I thought it better to have the details than leave anyone wondering.
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