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Raiding with Renewal

[The following was mostly written by Blodwyen.]

About Renewal's raids:

Renewal is a guild combining role-playing and end-game raiding content. Participating in this content and in our raids is completely optional. We have a solid group of raiders who enjoy running heroics and raids together on a regular basis. As we are not a dedicated ('hard-core') raiding guild, we do not offer the same level of progression that one might find in guilds that strictly focus on raiding. Instead, what we offer is something that is relatively unique in end-game progression. Our raid, just like everything we do, is founded upon our core values With that in mind, we offer a friendly and safe environment in which our members can learn how to raid, learn how to work together as a seamless unit, and form lasting bonds with other members. We are committed to providing this sort of experience to our members, and are always happy to help newer raiders as much as possible, whether through helping them run heroics, crafting gear, or offering advice.

Some of those groups will 'gel', possibly with non-guild members, and will form stable raiding groups progressing through the tiers of content. Some will remain at lower tiers of content and will be content to do so. As new 80s come along and need help learning how to raid, those lower-tier raids will be good resources. We feel that we can provide a supportive atmosphere for both of these kinds of raids.

Loot Rules:

1. Members of Renewal and guests to our raid have equal status in rolls.
2. Rolls will be for main spec first, off spec second, anyone who wants it third, and will be sharded as a last resort.
3. If you have already won an item, consider passing to allow someone else to have a chance at an upgrade.
4. Bind on Equip epics will also have main spec rolls, then offspec, and if no one in the raid can use them they will be placed in the guild vault. If there are enough non-members in the raid, this may be modified to being treated just as Bind on Pickup epics, instead.

As a general rule of thumb, use common sense. One of our core values is Respect, and this should be a guiding principle when you are making up your mind about whether to roll on an item. If, for example, an item would be a minor upgrade or sidegrade for your character, but would be a very large upgrade for someone's offspec, remember that it may be best to pass and allow someone else a chance at that piece of loot.

In the event of a dispute, the raid leader or member who is presently in charge of the raid will make the final decision.

General Raid Guidelines:

1. Please keep your language at least moderately appropriate in both raid chat and vent. We may all let loose once in a while, but we have many different types of people in our raid and want to ensure it is a comfortable environment for everyone.
2. Be respectful of your fellow raiders. Not everyone has the same level of experience. If you choose to give criticism and advice, ensure that it is constructive. In general, it is best to do this in a private whisper rather than in raid chat.
3. While we raid for fun, the preparations for raiding require a fair amount of work and time. Please be respectful of the work your fellow members have put into the raid. Our raids may not be "srs bzns," but a certain level of decorum is expected and required of our members.
4. Be on time, fully repaired, with your appropriate consumables "in-hand". That's your reagents, flasks or elixirs, and buff food of choice. If you're one of those for whom fish feasts are the relevant buff food, and you can't provide them, be sure to thank those who do - it's a real labour of love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I join in on raiding?
- Contact any of the officers well before the raid starts. To participate in our raids you must be level 80 and have some experience in running Heroic dungeons in Northrend. Different levels of gearing are required for the different level 80 raids, and this will be taken into account when deciding upon the staffing of any given raid. Also please keep in mind that if your computer is frequently prone to severe lag then you may not be able to raid effectively.
2. Are there any add-ons that are required?
- Special addons are not required, though our raiders can recommend add-ons that may help you out. Deadly Boss Mods is the one add-on that will be the most helpful, and we strongly recommend that you download it.
3. Does Renewal have a Ventrilo server?
- We do use Ventrilo during the raid. It is very beneficial to download this program and run it during the raid if you can (even if you don't have a mic). The major reason Vent helps is that it's much easier to say something during a fight then to type it out. However if you don't have Vent, or can't use it for some reason, then that's alright. Several of our raiders cannot use it and we transcribe any important information spoken in Vent for them. You will not be left out if you don't have Vent.
4. How does the RL decide who gets to go to a raid?
- Renewal runs 10-man raids, so we generally need 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and 5-6 DPS. The raid leader will determine what composition of players we need for a given raid and will send out calendar invites to those people. Certain dungeons require certain levels of gearing, and so this must be taken into consideration when deciding who will go along.

Any additional questions should be directed to the officers.
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