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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Feyanna

(( This is one from a series of in-character interviews done by Zenru ("Zen") Dreamchaser. ))

Feyanna: "(Soft chuckling) Better in some respects, perhaps.  It was a nice view.  (Sounds of footsteps) I was thinking of trying something that is a compromise for the tea.  Catmint."
Zen: "(Slightly embarrassed tone) Catmint?  Sounds good.  Okay May 24th at the guild hall.  I've long since lost track of how many interviews we've done.  This time interviewing Feyanna.  Okay Fey if you could tell us your full name, path (class), season (level), and age if you're comfortable?"
Feyanna: "Feyanna Mistwarden, a druid of the paths of restoration and balance, with aspirations toward becoming one of the Talon.  I am commonly accounted as being of the eightieth season."
Zen: "How did you decide to become a druid?"
Feyanna: (Sounds of teakettle hissing followed by a light click, and then the noise of something being dipped in liquid) "I was not a terribly good fit with the priestesses of Elune, despite the proclivity for healing which caused them to accept me at first.  Eventually, the Cenarion Circle took me in and started training me."
Zen: "What made you not a good fit as a priestesses?  I've seen you in combat you're good, damn good."
Feyanna: "(Laughing, soft thud sound, and a gentle creaking noise) I am now, though I was not so good then.  The difference was mainly over how I approached healing, however.  It seems I asked questions that some of my superiors found uncomfortable."
Zen: "It wasn't questions about healing it was questions about Elune wasn't it?"
Feyanna: "(Rueful chuckling) It was, at least in part.  It was about the other aspects of Elune, and how it all fit into what we were doing as healers.  (Sigh) It got worse after the Sundering, which is when I parted ways with the priestesses and fell in with the Circle."
Zen: "I can see why you didn't want to give your age I didn't know you were alive pre-Sundering.  I know this might be painful but I would like to ask about the first invasion of the Burning Legion.  Do you feel comfortable talking about it?"
Feyanna: "(Small laugh) Oh, it is never a comfortable topic, but it is an important one.  And as to my age, I am sorry, I simply forgot to say.  I really do not recall for sure, but I do remember a time before Azshara was called 'queen'."
Zen: "(Sounding surprised) That's.... that's … wow I can't even put a figure to that.  The earliest history I know of starts in the time of Queen Azshara... I would ask you tell me all about it but I don't think we have that kind of time.  Let's focus on the highlights.  What do you remember about the time before Queen Azshara how old were you?"
Feyanna: "(Sounds of liquid pouring) It is rather dim, and I was fairly young.  My parents had not yet secured a place at the Temple for me, when I remember Father saying he disliked how things were progressing - that we had done fine without royalty in the past, and he did not like how it was looking like she would have a coronation. (Short pause) I am sure I was under a century still, possibly not even half that."
Zen:  "Now since you studied Druidism so early in our history by any chance, did you meet my personal hero Malfurion?"
Feyanna: "I met him, a few times, but I would only say that I was acquainted with him.  I doubt he would remember me.  He certainly has a notable presence, however."
Zen: "Was he like ... you know.  Was he the hero history tells us he was?"
Feyanna: "Mmm (Short pause) He was decisive when he had to be, and yet ... he was a reluctant hero.  His influence on events is undeniable, but he never seemed comfortable with that role."
Zen: "Yes he never sought to be a hero he was just the one who could make a difference and had the will to do so.  Alright well now the unpleasant parts.  Fey if at any time you want to stop just tell me it's fine.  (Short pause) Where were you when the Highborne first began to open the portal for Sargeras and demons started pouring out and attacking?"
Feyanna: "When it first started... (Sigh) I was at home, a village about two days' ride from Suramar.  Father was one of those who had gone to the capitol to protest... Mother and I first heard of the invasion from garbled reports from those fleeing. (Soft swallow) It was almost three weeks before we knew for sure that Father had been killed in the first wave of demons."
Zen: "(Sipping sound) It's a shame a lot of good people ... well I don't have to tell you.  How ... how did you and your mother survive?"
Feyanna: "(Short sipping sound) The whole village - it was mostly our extended family - packed up and became refugees, at first.  Some then joined with the rangers and took the fight to the Legion.  I stayed with the priestesses at the refugee camps as a healer, moving with them when they did."
Zen: "Hmm trial by fire as it were?"
Feyanna: "(Soft chuckling) I had already been training at the Temple in Suramar, which is where I first met Malfurion when was visiting Tyrande.  It was a natural fit.  It allowed me to do something to help, using what I had already learned."
Zen: "Ah so you saw Tyrande and Malfurion together once?"
Feyanna: "More than once.  Each time I saw him, it was with her."
Zen: "Now there has been rumors as of late. (Muttering) Probably by that idiot Staghelm. That Tyrande arranged her marriage with Malfurion so she could become the leader of our people.  Having seem them together, how would you react to such rumors?"
Feyanna: "(Laughing) That idiot Staghelm... yes, that fits.  And no.  Their love was genuine, and her rise was by the acclamation of Elune and the Temple, not from Malfurion's fame."
Zen: "What happened during the Sundering? How did you survive it?"
Feyanna: "I was with a support unit, helping with the fighting in the south of Ashenvale.  There was a ... I do not really know how to describe it, but I shall try. (Deep breath followed by a long pause)".
Zen: "Take your time.  I can only imagine how hard it must be."
Feyanna: "A huge, rumbling, sustained noise, and a... draining, almost sickening, at our hearts, where we all felt our connection to the Well of Eternity.  None of us was as effective for a while, being chilled from the inside.  (Heavy sigh) But the demons were similarly afflicted, fortunately.  All of the world seemed out of joint, with the ground shaking and heaving, and some great trees falling, and detritus raining from the sky.  We knew something terrible had happened, but the fighting kept us from investigating for quite a while. (Long, slow draught sound of someone drinking then a long pause).”
Zen: "Please, when you're ready continue."
Feyanna: "Eventually, after killing most of the demons we had been fighting, we started to make our way back for fresh orders, news, and just to regroup.  (Sigh) We met many lost and broken people, who at least had a better understanding of what had happened.  It was quite a while before we all really understood, however.  Not until we found Malfurion and Tyrande, and heard their call for action."
 Zen: "Call to action?"
Feyanna: "(Sipping sound) Illidan's taking of the waters was known by then, and something had to be done."
Zen: "Ah yes Illidan attempted to recreate the Well of Eternity using seven... (Short pause) Well vials of water from the Well of Eternity right?"
Feyanna:   "(Rustling of hair) Indeed.  And it seemed likely that he had at least re-created the danger. (Sigh) His action did lead to our having immortality even after losing the Well, but at such a cost...."
Zen: "In order to hide the Well's energy a World Tree was grown, and well the rest is well known.”
Feyanna: "The Aspects got involved in our affairs again - of necessity - and established Nordrassil to hide the energies, yes, and we were made the guardians.”
Zen: “What was your life like during the long Vigil?  Female druids were quite uncommon then as I recall."
Feyanna: "I was not quite yet officially a druid, but Keeper Remulos did take me under his wing, as it were, seeing... well, looking back, seeing that I should be a druid, I am sure, though I did not realize that at the time."
Zen: "Well moving on to more modern times.  How did you join the guild?"
Feyanna: "(Quiet sipping noise) Well, that is quite the jump in time, is it not?  (Chuckling) I had joined up with fellowship of Tenacity, and through that association met up with this guild, and made some additional friends here.  Then ... Avmella and I met each other, and discovered a growing relationship.  Over time, as the leaders of Tenacity came to be missing in action, joining up with my love and friends simply became the obvious and natural thing to do."
Zen: "You and Avy meet at the 'Wandering Dragon' tavern right?  When did you first realize you were falling in love with her?"
Feyanna: "We first met in Stormwind, and I believe I rather failed to impress her at all, because I was woolgathering too much at the time.  We met again at Khanz and Aleriel's wedding, though again we barely even spoke. (Sipping sound) We met again by chance, swimming in Goldshire, and got to talking.  We discovered some interests in common, including swimming.  After a few more meetings, mostly for swimming and talking, we noticed a growing mutual attraction, and finally admitted as much to each other."
Zen: "And now you two have a lovely daughter Tavennae.  What's it like having an adopted child?"
Feyanna: "(Softer tone) It is a humbling thing, to know the direct responsibility for the upbringing of a new generation.  And she is a great joy, to see the unconditional love she has for us.  It is a wonderful thing."
Zen: "Does having a child help you come to terms with your own now mortality?"
Feyanna: "(Rueful chuckle) In a way.  However, the immortality we had was, in some ways, a kind of being stretched thin across the ages.  She does help me focus more on the here and now, though, which is a very good thing."
Zen: "Yes you've lived long enough to have a firsthand experience about the things I've read in history books.  Alright one last topic before we end the interview."
Feyanna: “(Soft sipping sound)”.
Zen: "How did you survive this long?  I mean how did you stay sane through all the things you've been through?  The wars, the countless murders.  I nearly lost my mind after the Battle of Mount Hyjai you seemed to have not only survived some the worst events of our history but thrived!  Is there some secret to it?"
Feyanna: "(Short brittle laugh) Ah, am I sane?  I truly wonder at times.  My point of view can be so skewed by considering 'a few centuries' to be a short period of time.  (Small sigh) But that same perspective of time helps me put other events into place against the more peaceful times, I suppose.  I think any secret, though, is simply being too stubborn to give up."
Zen: "I didn't think it would be so simple ... yet, it makes sense.  (Short pause) Well you've given me a lot to think about Fey.  Anything else you would say or perhaps ask of me before we end the interview?
Feyanna: "(Brief pause) Well, I suppose on piece of advice from such an ancient crone...”
Zen: "I saw you smirking earlier when I had my shirt off I could pose for you if you wanted."
Feyanna: "(Giggling) Ah, that would not be fair without Mel also here to appreciate it, but thank you.  No matter how old you get, try not to be old.  Thriving despite the passage of time is an attitude.  Do not surrender to time.  Defy it."
Zen: "Well thank you Fey. We'll have to do this again some time."
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