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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Wendy

(( Another from the series of in-character interviews by Zen. Wendy is not my character, but Asmerglis (who is) has a part in this interview. ))

((The OOC section marks where Zen turned off the recorder.  So as with the other OOC sections in previous entries it can’t be heard if the recording is played ICly.  The unrecorded OOC section is still in recorder style just to match the nature of the entries.))

Zen: "Okay June 15th about 9:30.  Interview with Wendy at the guild hall.  Wendy if you could please state your full name, path, season, and age if you're comfortable.  Mean while I'll get us some tea. (Soft clicking, and footsteps)"
(Another set of footsteps softer then before)
Wendy: "Um, full name?  It's Blodwyen Woodrow.  But Wendy is fine.  I'm in my, um, eightieth season and, hmm, my age?  (Short pause) Well, I mean, if we are counting from the day I was born, then I am seventeen.  Almost eighteen."
Zen: "(Footsteps and a gentle thud) Oh hey Avy didn't see ya come in.  (Sounds of liquid pouring)."
Avmella: “I was trying not to interrupt.”
Zen: "Well normally this where I ask how someone decided on their path but I know in the case of Death Knights it wasn't an option.  So instead I would like to ask what were you before you were... well you know"
Wendy:  "Erm, right.  Well, before I became .. the way I am now, my mother was training me to become a priestess of the Light.  That's what she was."
Avmella: “You would have made a very good one, as well.”
Wendy: "I - I don't know, Avy."
Avmella: “I know.  I know what is needed, and I know how you are.”
 Zen: "Where did you live as a child?"
Wendy: "(Short pause) I lived in Westfall as a child.  My family lived in a house at the edge of the woods that lead to Duskwood."
Zen: "Oh so you were a farm girl?"
Wendy: "(Burst of laughter) Well, um, kind of, I guess.  My brother - he was always the one who helped our father in the fields.  I guess I did a bit of work, too, but mostly I spent my days training with my mother.  Or running around Westfall."
Zen: "(Sipping sound) So almost 18 that makes you the youngest person I've ever interviewed by at least a good 5 years!  Did you ever travel to the Cathedral in Stormwind perhaps as part of your Priest training?"
Wendy: "No.  I had never been to Stormwind until, um, until after I became a Knight.  My mother was there once, though.  She wasn't trained at the Cathedral either - her mother taught her how to be a healer, too."
Zen: "(Short pause) How did you become a Death Knight?  It seems odd someone as young as you are would come direct contact with the Scourge?"
Wendy: "Well, um.  (Loud swallow) That's, that's kind of a long story, basically, I was taken to the Plaguelands, well I mean Lordaeron, at a young age."
Zen: "Well if you're not comfortable talking about we don't have to, but sometimes it help..."
Wendy: "(Soft click) Well.  Like I said, it is a long story.  I - I really haven't told many people this.  (Short pause) When I was young - I guess I must have been around nine or so - a strange man came to Westfall.  I - I can still remember the first time I saw him.  He was very pale, with dark circles under his eyes, and he - he seemed sick."
Zen: "What did he want?  I can't think of anything he could find in Westfall that wouldn't have been just as easy to get in Stormwind."
Avmella: “Aside from chickens, perhaps.”
Wendy: "He wanted to bring the Plague south.  He was - well, I didn't know this when I first saw him, of course - but he was a member of the Cult of the Damned.  (Short pause) My mother took him in because she thought she might be able to cure whatever sickness he had."
Zen: "Security around Stormwind its self would have kept him out he would need to start somewhere more vulnerable.  (Sad sigh) I assume he infected you?"
Maazati: "Xo Christit."
Avmella: “Your grain was probably what he was more interested in infecting...”
Wendy: "My father was one of the few farmers who was having any success with his crops at that point.  Much of our grain went to Stormwind ... (Short pause) But, no, I wasn't infected.  Everyone else in my family was, but Carmine.  Th-that was his name, Carmine.  He made sure that I wasn't."
Zen: "Was he the one that took you to Lordaeron?  This Carmine?"
Wendy: "Yes.  My family died and the farm was ... um, well it was burned down.  And then Carmine took me to Lordaeron."
Zen: "I don't recall hearing about any Plague out breaks in Westfall so I'm guessing someone caught on to his plan, and burned your home to contain the Plague?"
Wendy:  "The Defias became aware of the situation."
Zen: "(Surprised) The Defias!  (Short pause) Well it makes sense the Plague will affect them like anyone else and if Stormwind falls they would fall with it.  (Metallic popping sound) Here, this will help they're my favorite kind chocolate chip.  Any idea how the Defias found out about Carmine's plan?"
Wendy: "No, not really.  Except that, no one in Westfall seemed to like Carmine very much.  They told my mother it would bring her back luck when she decided to take him in.  (Short pause) Apparently they were right."
Zen: "Well you mother was a Priestess so she was doing what any good healer would do and tried to help him... Carmine took advantage of that.  (Sad sigh) You need a break maybe a refill of your tea?  I know this subject is troubling and I imagine the next part is bound to quite painful."
Wendy: "Uh, no, no, I'll finish this one first (Loud click followed by liquid splashing and a loud thud) Whoops!”
Zen:  "Well okay I guess now you need a refill.  (Slight chuckle) For the benefits our listeners we've had a slight tea mishap.  We will continue in a moment."
Wendy: "Ugh, sorry Zenru."
Zen: "S'alright.  I had the same thing happen while interviewing Marrock—“
Maazati: "Houzai cutaria."
Wendy: "Um, I'm sorry ... what?"
Zen:  “Hey Maazati can you switch back to common?"
Maazati: "(Soft tapping) Yes, your tongue. Skull confused."
Zen: "(Sounds of liquid pouring) Well since we're taking a break I actually had something else I wanted to ask Wendy.  Was ‘Blodwyen’ the name you were given as a child?"
Wendy: "Yes, Blodwyen is my name.  Wendy was a nickname that my uncle gave me."
Zen: "It is an usual name ... don't get me wrong I like it.  Any special meaning behind it?  It almost sounds Elven."
Wendy: "My mother chose it because it means 'white flower.'  The name of a plant her mother sometimes used in healing potions, I think."
Zen: "Ah well it suits you.  In certain sense you've managed to bloom into something good and beautiful dispute what has happened.  (Sipping sound) Well when you're ready can you tell us why Carmine took you to Lordaeron?"
Wendy: "(Soft click) Mmhrmm (Sipping sound)."
Maazati: “(Chuckling).”
Zen: "Um pardon?  Did you say something?"
Maazati: "The dead girl blushes like live girl.  (Short pause) It is strange and sweet."
(Short pause)
Wendy: "(Clicking sound followed by a sigh) Why Carmine took me to Lordaeron?  Because he failed his mission, I think.  He wasn't able to bring the Plague to the south, but he decided he would have something to show for his time there.  He saw some ... potential in me, I guess.  He saw my mother training me, and knew that I had learned a good deal of magic.  He thought he would train me himself in - in his sort of magic."
Zen: "Ah I see you were only nine I bet he thought he could corrupt you.  I'm also guessing everyone in Westfall thought you had died in the fire along with the rest of your family and the Defias wouldn't have bothered trying to save a little girl...  Basically no one was coming to save you."
Wendy: "It's been odd running into old friend from Westfall - especially out at the camp in the Grizzly Hills.  They don't seem - well, I mean, I guess it must be a bit of a shock."
Zen: "More them one surprise I supposed both in that you were alive and that you ... well are no longer alive...  When he took you to Lordaeron it wasn't the human city, this was post Culling right?"
Wendy: "I never saw Lordaeron or Stratholme the way ... the way that I should have seen them."
Zen: “Indeed.  (Sipping sound) What happened when you finally got there?  I‘m really hoping the killed Carmine for his failure."
Wendy: "(Long pause) Carmine died for his failure, yes."
Zen: "I'm sorry you had to see such a thing as a child but he got what he deserved.  So did the Cult take you in?"
Wendy: "(Tapping sound) They did."


Zen: "Let's just stop here a minute and catch our breath."
Wendy: "(Mumbling) Um, sorry, Zen, it's not something I talk about very much."
Maazati: "Breathe, child."
Zen: "(Soft patting sound) It's alright in your position I wouldn't ether.  (Hum of mana being focused then a ‘poof’ sound, followed shortly after by a muffled thud) You're rather brave to talk about this at all quite frankly."
Maazati: "She is in pain."
(Soft patting and purring sounds in the background)
Wendy:  "When I first came back to Stormwind, it was my uncle who took me in.  He told me that I probably shouldn't talk about this sort of thing - that it might make people uncomfortable."
Zen: "Wendy it's not so important we found out about who you were.  Really it's who you are that counts!  If you don't want to talk about you don't have to. (Short pause)  It's not like that thing gives me the right to know everything about someone...  If you would rather not talk about it's fine.  I fact I what I really want to know is happened after you got your free will back."
Wendy: "That I can tell you about."
Zen: “Alright then.  (Clicking noises and rattling sounds) Hold I'll get this..."
(Metallic clumping, door opening and closing sounds, and clattering noise in the background)
Maazati: "(Hoof steps) Thirsty. May I?"
Zen: "Yeah go ahead Maazati.”


Wendy: “(Chuckling).”
Maazati: “(Metal clicking, liquid pouring, sniffing and sipping sounds) "Good." (Hoof steps and a soft thud)”
Zen: "Alright the topic is how Wendy regained her freewill.  Now I assume it was at the Battle of Light's hope Chapel?"
(Rubbing and purring sounds in the background)
Wendy: "Yes, I was a part of the battle at Light's Hope, and once I was freed I returned to the farm in Westfall."
Zen: "Had the farm been rebuilt by then?  What did you find in Westfall?"
(Sounds of soft barefoot padding and metallic thudding)
Zen: "(Louder than normal) I made some tea already it's out here."
Wendy: "Oh no, the farm was gone.  There was a little bit left of the house and I stayed there for a few weeks.  I - I really didn't know where else to go.  But then -"
Asmerglis: "Ah?  Well, then.  (Sounds of a door opening and closing followed by footsteps, then a soft thud and liquid pouring)"
Wendy: "Hi Asmer!"
Zen: “Howdy Asmerglis.”
Asmerglis: "Hullo, Wendy."
Maazati: "(Gasping) Another dead one. (mumbling)"
Asmerglis: “(Soft growl)”
Zen: “(Sigh) Maazati its fine just have a cookie."
Wendy: "Well, my uncle found me at the farm.  I - I don't know how exactly.  But he knew that I would be there.  It took some, um, coaxing, but he finally convinced me to go to Stormwind with him."
Zen: "Any guesses how he knew you would be there?  Like a dream or something?  At this point you had been gone for years..."
Wendy: "I don't know how he knew."
Zen: "It was lucky though.  Kinda amazing he even knew it was you.  I suppose being family though he just knew.  So you finally got to see Stormwind for the first time what was it like walking through the Valley of Heroes?"
Wendy: "The Valley of Heroes was amazing.  I remember being so tired and so scared - I didn't know how people would react when I came to the city.  But crossing over that bridge for the first time ... (Short pause) I guess that's why I still like to spend a lot of time there."
Zen: "I suppose the town folk wouldn't take kindly to you, but at least you had your uncle there.  Were the people accepting of you?  Were you able to find your place with that society?"
Wendy: "Well for the first few weeks I didn't spend much time out of the house - except at night.  I'd go down to the harbor then.  It had just been built and I liked watching the ships come and go.  It was ... hard when I tried to talk to people.  So I mostly just didn't.  But then, my uncle Uillam received orders to join the fight in Northrend.  He wanted to make sure I was taken care of while he was away, and so he found our guild and asked Raitha and Lele to take me in."
Zen:"Ah so that's why you always seemed a bit shy except for people in the guild.  Well I assume once you joined our guild you started adventuring?"
Wendy: "The guild is my family, and yes, I began to travel more once I joined.  First Avmella and some others took me back to the Plaguelands to aid at Light's Hope, and then I was with Asmer for a time in the Outlands."
Zen: "Doing heroic kinds of things?  Fighting evil, saving lives, stuff like that?"
Asmerglis: "(Soft chuckle) I like to think we were, at least."
Wendy: "(Snort) If you say so, Asmer."
Asmerglis: "It seems rather important to the people asking for our help, at least."
Wendy: "I didn't think of it like that, but you're right."
Zen: "How did you and Asmer meet?  Did Raitha assign you two to work together?"
Wendy: "Oh!  Well I met Asmer the night that Aurae tried to kill her, actually."

(Short pause)
Zen: "Umm say wha....?  (Long pause) This might be another long story but why was Aurae trying to kill Asmer?"
Wendy: "Well, it was my first night in the guild, so I was a little confused, but I gathered it had something to do with Aurae thinking Asmer was a demon?  I wasn't really sure at the time."
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound then a soft chuckle) Her history involves fighting the Scourge as well as demons, and she saw only the taint of being a Death Knight.  We came to an understanding after a bit."
Maazati: "(mumbling) Death Knight."
Zen: "Did you end up helping Asmer to deal with Aurae?"
Wendy: "Oh no.  Gwyneth - the first person I met in our guild - she warned me about what was going on, so I stayed pretty well away until it was resolved.  Gwyn thought it might put Aurae over the edge to have to deal with another Knight at that point."
Zen: "Ah so you two meet after the situation was resolved.  Alright so you were together in Outland.  What was it like when you saw a Fel Reaver for the first time?"
Wendy: "(Chuckling) I wondered how much training it would take until I might be able to fight one."
Zen: "(Chuckling) That is a lot more inspiring then what I thought which something along the lines of 'what the %&^ is that!?'"
Asmerglis: “(Giggling)”
Wendy: "(Laughs loudly) Well I probably thought that, too.  But mostly I wanted to see it hit the ground."
Maazati: "It is wicked..."
Zen: "Well it's getting late ... normally this is when I say 'alright one last topic' and I try ask some kind of thought provoking question generally reflecting the choices or possible choices one has made in one's life.”
Wendy: "Oh?"
Zen: “Sadly Wendy your life has been without many choices at all... You couldn't have saved your parents you couldn't have prevented becoming a Death Knight there is however... one major choice you have made.  That was the choice to be a hero once you had you free will back.”
Asmerglis: “(Sigh followed by a loud gulp)”
Wendy: "My most important choice is that I have chosen not to live in my past.  I choose to trust those who have taken me in and believe in their good intentions.  As I said, this is my family, and the best choice I have made."
Zen: "Indeed, well anything else you would like to say or perhaps ask of me before we end the interview?"
Wendy: "Um, just that you make very good tea!  And I'm sorry I spilled half of it on the floor. (Laughing)"
Zen: "(Chuckling and a ‘poof’ sound followed by soft thuds) Thanks for your time Wendy."
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