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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Asmerglis

(( Another in the series of in-character interviews by Zen. ))

(Soft clicking sound then a gentle thud)
Asmerglis: "(Sounds of liquid pouring) That's going to take some getting used to."
Zen: "Okay interview with Asmerglis, location guild hall, June 29th about 10 in the evening.  If you could Asmer please tell us your full name, path, season, and age if you're comfortable?"
Asmerglis:  "Asmerglis Mistweaver, a Knight of the Ebon Blade, of the highest season.  I'm... Hmm.  Not sure whether it's six hundred one or six hundred two."
Zen: "After a few hundred it's hard to keep count.  What were you before you became a Death Knight?"
Asmerglis: "(Heavy disgusted sigh) I was a damned fool!  (Soft sigh) But that's not a fair answer to what you meant to be asking.  I'd been an Altern in the Sentinels until Mount Hyjal."
Zen: "For the benefit of our listeners Asmer is referring the Second coming of the Burning Legion also known as the Battle of Mount Hyjai.  I take it you fell in that battle?""
Asmerglis: "No, more's the pity.  Or at least, not the way you mean.  I lived, but I succumbed to despair."
Zen: "What do you mean?"  
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound) I lost my unit, and my family - so far as I could tell then, at least.  And we'd lost so much as a race... I was lost.  I had no real purpose any more, and was worried about being mortal. I more or less lost my mind, I guess."
Zen: "I know the feeling all too well.  (Soft patting sound) Are you comfortable talking about how and when the Scourge turned you?  If not we can move on to another topic."  
Asmerglis: "(Quick chortle) Oh, I'll talk about it, even though it's hardly comfortable. (Sipping sound)"
Zen: "We'll take it slow then.  First how long ago did it happen?"
Asmerglis: "It started, in some sense, during the battle of Mount Hyjal.  I saw the Scourge fighting against the Legion, once the fight was far enough along for their treachery there to be meaningful.  Did you know we might not have succeeded without them?  Not that they did it for us, of course."
Zen: "Same can be said for the Orcs as well.  I hate to admit but we needed all the help we could get regardless of the source."
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound, followed by a sigh) Yes.  Anyway, I thought about how all of what's now the Alliance and the Horde had been reacting, and not really knowing what to do against the Legion.  But the Scourge had a plan - a long-range plan to deal with the threat.  I was fascinated by that, and drawn to it in my despair."
(Soft bang)
Zen: "(Sounding confused) How did you find out there plan and how did … it cause you to despair?"
Asmerglis: "I was already in despair, from the loss - what seemed to me to be my failure.  I was an officer, but my unit didn't come back - and my family died instead of being protected by what I was doing.”
Zen: “Ah I misunderstood, but please continue.”
Asmerglis: "As a trained officer, it was clear to me that the Scourge had a plan.  They operated under control, or under orders.  Their fight against Archimonde's forces was by design of their leader. (Short pause) Or at least, that was all how I saw it at the time."
Zen: "As we've come to find out the Scourge are under direct mental control of Arthas.  After the devastation you witnessed..."  
Ellanae: (Soft creaking) “Mreow?”
Zen:  "For the benefit of our listeners that's another member of our guild Ellanae."
Ellanae: (Soft footsteps) “Mreow.”
Zen: "Did you start think that only the Scourge could hope to defeat Archimonde?   (Slight angry growl) After all our losses became their soldiers. (Patting sound)"  
Ellanae: “(Soft growl) Scourge.”
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound) We'd won, however narrowly and despite the cost.  But we'd won with their help.  I wondered... despite how awful they were, was there something they knew that we needed to know?  Was our only hope against more Legion invasions going to be from them?  I had to try to find out."
(Soft thud followed by a loud bang)
Zen: "Ow … Oh sorry Ella didn't mean to knock you down I didn’t realize you were trying to jump into my lap."
Ellanae: “S'ok. I'm wrapped up in the story.”
Zen: "(Sound of liquid pouring) How were you going to get any information from the Scourge?  They're not really all that chatty, and I assume they would kill you on sight."
Asmerglis: "(Grim chuckle and liquid pouring) Their rank and file - quite so.  But I was a trained Sentinel.  I stalked them, and scouted them.  I learned their organization.  I found leaders who were not mindless - the death knights.  I caught some of them in relative isolation, and challenged them to answer me.  Eventually, I got one to talk instead of die to my glaive."
Zen: "(Soft click followed by a creaking noise) You actually found one that talked willing?!  I must say I'm amazed.  What did they have to say?"
Ellanae: (Soft lapping sounds)
Asmerglis: "(Sardonically chuckling) He talked with my glaive at his throat, once I'd bested him without having to kill him in the process.  (Sigh) Most of what he told me was even technically true, though the way he said it led me further down my path of ruin."
Ellanae: (Soft purring)
Zen: "Hmm.  I'm betting since you beat so many of their Death Knights Arthas decided to try and recruit you.  Furthermore everything that Death Knight said was specifically designed to draw you in.”
Asmerglis: "Precisely."
Zen: "What happened next?"
Asmerglis: "His tale of what it meant to be like him intrigued me.  They were immortal, which I no longer was.  That was, I'm ashamed to have to admit, a powerful draw.  (Heavy sigh) Well, he offered me an audience with Arthas - who, at the time, was still only their general, as it were, and not yet their king.  But through Arthas, I could learn something more of Ner'zhul."
Zen: "(Creaking sound) I think I can see where this is heading.  Did you join them willing?"
Asmerglis: "Eventually, yes.  There were some tests of my interest, slowly leading me down a path of evil, feeding my despair on itself until my will was broken - but it was still technically willing on my part."
(Sound of a door swinging open and closed)
Zen: "Well I can't blame you.  I about went crazy myself after Hyjai, frankly finding some form of immortally after having lost it is well... very tempting to say the least.  What did Arthas say to you?  I must admit I'm quite curious."  
Agustine: “I suppose I came in at a bad time?”
Asmerglis: "Not a bad time, particularly, other than that there's no good time for such a tale.  (Sipping sound)"
Zen: "For the benefits of our listeners that's Augustine another guild member, and no it's fine I'm just interviewing Asmer here."
Agustine: “Ah I see. About uhm... (Quieter tone) being a death knight?”
Zen: "Her life in general really.  (Sipping sound)"
Asmerglis: "Arthas told me much of what Ner'zhul's history was, and how much more dangerous Kil'jaeden was than Archimonde had been.  He mixed in discussions of the Scarlet Crusade, leading me to ... well, 'hate them back', as it were."
Zen: "Ah he knew you vulnerable emotionally an exploited it.  I hate to say it but Arthas is very good at what he does... as evil as it is.”
Agustine: “Ain't that the damned sad truth.”
Zen: "Did you work with the Scourge before being turned?"
Asmerglis: "Yes.  They got me to help them with killing some Scarlets, including, after a couple of sorties, against their civilians - leading me into their ways one small step at a time."
Agustine: “Crazy what your emotions can lead too.”
Asmerglis: "Quite so.  And the Scourge literally have a book on how to exploit those emotions.  Kel'Thuzad wrote it.  It's required reading for Death Knight officers."
Agustine: “(Short pause) Now that is a fine piece of literature I'm sure. Some great knowledge despite its evilness.”
(Long pause)
Zen: "When did they finally turn you into a Death Knight?  Did they kill you in order to perform the ritual?  I hear some Death Knights were still alive when they were turned."
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound) I was invited to gain their immortality by joining them, finally.  The price was a final test of loyalty - impaling myself on Frostmourne, as Arthas held it out steady, at the height of my navel.  I walked up, and pressed forward, steeling myself against the pain.  I nearly faltered anyway, as the arcane cold of the blade started to eat at me from the first touch, but I persevered.  I got nearly to the hilt, and Arthas lifted the blade, and then me with it once it hit the bottom of my ribs.  At some point, I'm sure, I was gasping and gurgling in pain, but the position of the blade kept me from really screaming, at least.  I felt it hungering for my soul, and Arthas used that, toying with both it and me, but he used that aspect of the blade to keep my soul in place, and not let me leave my body, even while its magic was worked in transforming me.  The pain was... beyond anything I know how to describe.  White and red clogged my vision, and I could hear nothing but my pain and the magic flowing through me.  But I never actually lost awareness, and after what seemed an eternity, he set me back down and withdrew the blade, and my bleeding was profuse, but stopped almost immediately, with rapid scarring.  I was one of them."
Zen: (Long pause followed by a sipping sound) "Well... did he at least allow you to keep your free will since you joined his army willingly or did you become a puppet like the others."
Asmerglis: "With my will so broken as it was, it's almost the same.  There is some free will, at least with the ones he sets up as officers, which was his plan for me.  Yet the Scourge are always under his scrutiny, with him whispering in their minds.  So, not a complete puppet, but well under his thumb."
Zen: "Well that's something at least ... I suppose.  How did you break free?  Was it at the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel like the others?  (Sound of liquid pouring)"  
Asmerglis: "Yes, I was at Light's Hope.  I was leading one of the regiments in the assault.  We were - unfortunately - doing quite well until the relic and the Light itself rose up to defend Highlord Fordring."
Zen: "(Liquid pouring) Was it hard letting go of that ... well I want to say 'life' but that word doesn't quite fit, but you know what I mean.  Was it difficult to stop being a part of the Scourge?"
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound) It was... disorienting, at first.  The Light completely severed our connection with the Lich King.  But much of what the Scourge taught me about looking past emotions actually helped.  I knew what I'd left, and how corrupt it was.  It wasn't something to want to go back to."
Zen: "Good good, then they really didn't affect your soul just your emotions.  What did you do after you regained your free will?"
Asmerglis: "Well, in the short term, I joined with Lord Mograine in fighting to clear out Acherus for our use, to make it the Ebon Hold.  (Sipping sound) But after that... and after leading a delegation to King Wrynn on behalf of the Knights, I was wandering rather aimlessly, wondering whether Lord Mograine was right - that we had no place in this world.  Then I wound up meeting Raitha, Gwynéth, Jehanne, and Terasol, and being welcomed and given a home."
Zen: "Ah so that's how you joined the guild then?"
Asmerglis: "It is."
Zen: "Something we touched on earlier while interviewing Wendy.  At some point Aurae tried to kill you.  I haven't really gotten the details of that event can you tell us what happened?"
Asmerglis: "(Laughing) Ah, that!  Yes.  I'm not sure why she showed up when she did, but several of us were having a bit of a party on our boat in Theramore.  She crashed in a flying machine, into the harbour.  We went to fish her out, but once she got conscious enough to be aware of us, she took exception to me, and attacked me.  The others distracted her and I got out of sight to stop provoking her.  Eventually, after some explanations had been made to her by Avmella and Gwynéth, she asked to talk to me.  We talked, and came to an understanding, even becoming friends."
Zen: "Aurae always was a bit odd.”
Agustine:  “(Slightly angry tone) We still love her though.”
Zen: "Well it's getting late so one last topic.  Going back to when you were a Sentinel.  What would you have done if you didn't get a chance to join the Scourge?  I know it's kind of odd question but I ask because I went through something very similar to what you did.  I spent two years in a deep depression and did little more than fish.  I think under similar circumstance any other elf, myself included might have very well followed your same path.  I hate to admit but I would have done almost anything to have regained immortally or tried to bargain with Arthas to get my clan back. (Sigh)"  
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound short pause) I don't really know what I would have done.  I was so broken then... though I would rediscovered my sister sooner, and that would have helped.  I doubt I could have been an officer in the Sentinels any more, though.  My drive for that was gone."
Agustine: “(Sipping sound) Asmerglis, when Zen's done I have a question I'd like to ask if you don’t mind?
Zen: "Wait you have a sister?"
Asmerglis: "I have, though she'd been presumed dead at the time... but she's also in this guild, and in fact had joined before I did.  Asmindla is her name."
Zen: "Oh wow I didn't know.  I'll have to interview her some time to.  (Short pause) Go ahead Agustine."
Agustine: “(Sipping sound) Well seeing as how you were a Sentinel officer, how do the other Sentinels react to, for lack of a better term, treason?  Or should I say your ‘treason’ in particular.”
Asmerglis: "It's rather an individual thing, depending on their history, but most.... well, I avoid Teldrassil, and not just because it's corrupt.  But that reflects the majority of Kal’Dorei society, really."
Agustine: “Sorry to bring up something that could be a sore subject I was just curious.”
Asmerglis: "Not at all.  There's rather a cultural divide among the Kal’Dorei regarding death knights.  By and large, those who follow Staghelm hate us, and those who follow Remulos at least tolerate us.  Not many actually like any of us, nor can I really blame them."
Agustine: “I can't say I really like you guys much either, but you're a guild sister. Thus family.  (Short pause) I am done.”
Zen: "Alright Asmer anything else you would like to say or perhaps ask of me or Agustine here before we end the interview?"
Asmerglis: "(Sipping sound) Nothing I can think of, no."
Zen: "Alright Asmer thanks for your time, we'll have to do this again at some point."
Asmerglis: "We should, yes."
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