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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Jendria

(( This is another in the series of in-character interviews by Zen. This one is of my disguised blood elf. See her followup interview with Jehanne for more of her real story. ))

Zen: “November 23rd at the guild hall, interview with Jendría and myself.  Jendría wishes to do a sort of quid pro quo for this interview.  Instead of the usual format were in I ask someone else questions we’re going to take turns—“
Jehanne: “Don’t even think about it.”
Zen: “(Chuckles) Also Jehanne and Nokuri are here.  Alright Jendría my first question is kind of a multi-part one but it’s generally how I start interviews.  (Short pause) If you could please give us your full name, path, season, and age if you’re comfortable?”
Jendría: “(Soft giggle) Well I’m pretty comfortable sitting here, though I’m sure that’s not quite what you meant.  All right, Jendría Weaver, a demonologist of 27 seasons, and I’m 24 years old.  And the same question to you, of course.”
Zen: “Zenru Justice Dreamchaser, Feral Combat Druid, 80th season, and 538.  (Short pause) That felt a bit strange, answering that question.  (Momentary pause) Okay Jendría how did you decide to become a ‘Demonologist’?  I assume that’s a type of Warlock?”
Jendría: “(Soft rustling of fabric noise) I suppose it is a ‘kind’ of Warlock… though my interest came via the arcane.  But the Third War, in particular, made it seem evident that we should learn more about our would-be exterminators.  So I set out to learn as much as I could about them.  (Sipping sound) And what made you decide to be a … ‘feral combat Druid’?”
Zen: “Well it wasn’t really a decision I was born a Druid.  I somehow was able to shape shift into cat form as young as age two.  (Momentary pause) I’ve always kinda gone with it, never really wanted to be anything else or ever really had any talent for any other path.  (Sipping sound)  Alright so you were studying Arcane arts during the Third War, were you in Dalaran when Archimonde attacked?  I take it that’s what you meant by ‘would-be exterminators’.”
Jendría: “No I was…”
Jehanne: “And he liked the belly rubs. (Sipping sound)”
Zen: “This is true.”
Jendría: “(Giggles) I’m sure!  But no, I wasn’t in Dalaran.  Remember, I’m from Alterac.  We weren’t exactly welcome anywhere by then.  At the same time, though, there was a decision by the nobles to remain neutral in the war, which led to getting at least some information from both sides.  We knew what was happening, and how bad it was.  (Sipping sound) And what are your views on the races of the Horde?  I seem to remember that turned out to be interesting when it came up before.”
Zen: “(Softly) When it came up before?”  (Normal tone) Well I hate the Forsaken, I know they’re victims of Arthas but I’ve encounter many of their kind in our forests trying to kill us, but that’s only those actually in the Horde, those with the Argent Dawn and other neutral organizations are generally okay.  I hate Orcs much for the same reason they’re constantly trying to destroy our forests.  (Short pause) Well to be honest I don’t have any strong feelings about any one race, just the actions done by them.
Khristina: “(Footsteps) Actions done by whom, Zen?”
Zen: “Oh that’s Khristina.  By races of the Horde.  Jendría and I are interviewing each other.  If the people of Alterac weren’t allowed in Dalaran who taught you the Arcane arts?”
Jendría: “(Sipping sound) We had scholars of the Arcane by then, who had been in the schools of Dalaran.  I learned from them.  Have you any family, Zen?”
Zen: “No not anymore, the other members of the Dreamchaser clan were wiped out during the Battle of Mount Hyjai.  (Sipping sound and a long pause) How about you Jendría any family?”
Jehanne: “I’m sorry Zenru.”
Zen: “It’s just how war is Jehanne.”
Jendría: “Only some very distant relatives.  They only count on genealogy charts.  Seventh cousins at the closest.  (Soft sigh) War often is that way, at least in the onset.  (Sipping sound)  So, besides interviewing people, have you any hobbies?”
Zen: “Oh well riding my Chopper, testing Tex’s inventions, exploring, experimenting with Enchanting and Inscirb—“
(Loud PANG!)
Khristina: “(Yelping!)”
Zen: “You okay Khristina?”
Khristina: “Uh… yes… but… I’m not so sure about the floor.”
Kyarrah: “What in the name of the Dark is going on down there?”
Zen: “Well so long as you’re alright Khris the floor can be repaired.  Um that was Kyarrah just now.”
Jehanne: “Clumsiness, nothing more.”
Khristina: “(Sigh) (Shaky tone) So sorry…”
Zen: “Since you don’t have any close relatives I guess something happened to your immediate family Jendría?”
Jendría: “(Slow deep sigh) The fortunes of war.  Alterac disintegrated into civil war of kind after the Second War, and, well the toll on the civilians has been harsh, even before the Ogres moved into part of it.”  

Jehanne: "(Liquid pouring sounds) He will recompense you for any damage. I assure you."
Zen: "(Soft thud) Okay get a good grip this time little guy.  (Clicking noises) Oh don't worry about it Jehanne.  (Chuckling then throat clearing)  Alright November 24th at the guild hall, continuation of the Jendría and Zen interview.  We were interrupted briefly by um... Imp related technical difficulties.  (Creaking sounds) Alright as I recall just before we were interrupted I was asking Jendría about losing her parents at such a young age I would estimate about 10 or 12 if my knowledge of Alterac history is correct.  Um do you feel comfortable talking about it Jen?"
Jendría: "(Soft sigh) Oh, yes, though it wasn't so young as that.  I think I gave you that impression by incompleteness in my earlier response.  They didn't die at the start of the Second War, but in the internal strife in Alterac which followed.  I was almost 16 at the time.  (Sigh) That's what led to being so ... disaffected, I suppose.... with Alterac after a while."
Zen: "Understandable its one thing to lose family to an outside force but to have the people of your own nation turn against you..."
Jehanne: "Yes."
(Patting sounds)
Jendría: "(Sipping sound) You said you'd been a bounty hunter for a while.  What made you give that up?"
Zen: "Well...  I didn't really.  I still track down bounties from time to time, it's just with the events in Outland and Northrend there's less focus on more domestic threats."
(Sounds of a door opening and closing and footsteps in the background)
Zen: "Frankly I think I'll keep bounty hunting so long as I'm able or until there is no longer a need."
(Shape shift poof)
Zen: "Here's something I've always wanted to know, why don't you ever wear shoes Jendría?  Every time I've seen you, you're barefoot, even during the Hollow's End party? (Slight chuckle)"
Jendría: "(Musical laugh) Oh, I do, Zen... but often only sandals for casual events, or unshod for comfort at home, or when swimming.  I suppose a loathing of wearing ill-fitting footwear goes into that as well, since an orphaned peasant girl rather has to 'make do' a lot."
Jehanne: “(Laughing)”
Jendría: "Hmm.  I had one, but now I can't recall it...(Heavy sigh)"
Katsuyael: “(Low rumble, soft flop, and a yawn).”
Jehanne: "Well, you have the most refined manners of any peasant I've seen. Even more refined than many so-called nobles."
Jendría: "When needing not to give offence to the touchy sorts now in charge of Alterac, one learns to be quite well-mannered.  It helps avoid beatings, or worse."
Jehanne: "Decorum is a good means of survival. Too bad I never learned it."
Jendría: "Perhaps you never felt yourself quite so powerless as to need it?  
Jehanne: "No..."
Jendría: "Oh… Ah!  Now I remember!  Zenru, what, if I may ask, do you think of the political situation in Darnassus?"
Zen: "Hmm...  (Short pause) Well a little background for our listeners first.  We basically have two rulers in Darnassus.  Archdruid Staghelm leader of the Cenarion Circle, and High Priestess Whisperwind, Staghelm as I have said many to his face, is an incompetent douchebag.
Jendría: “(Smothered giggle).”
Zen: "I mean really he sets the standard for douchebaggery, one time he called me from Stormwind for a 'mission' of great importance.  I rushed there as soon as I could you know what the mission was?  To collect dirt!  To make it worse he already had a giant pile of dirt that other adventures gathered already!  (Sigh) Tyrande is a good woman but I haven't seen her demonstrate any real leadership.  I think if Malfurion doesn't come back soon, Darnassus might degenerate like Alterac did.  (Long sip)"
Jendría: "(Sipping sound) I sincerely hope that you're wrong, since that would require treachery on Staghelm's part... but I fear you could well be correct."
Zen: "Well I have to say this... only three Druids in Azeroth could possibly trap Malfurion in the Emerald Dream.  Himself, Remulos, and you can guess who number three is.  (Long sip and patting sounds) So Jendría if you were orphaned and a commoner how did you get your Arcane Arts training?  Did someone sponsor you?  Or perhaps someone took you on as an apprentice?"
Jendría: "I was noted for some aptitude even before my parents died, and ... well, Alterac is really run by a part of the Burning Legion these days.  They wanted to make use of that aptitude, which is also why I was able to learn of demonology."
Katsuyael: “(Indistinct cat sounds, and soft thud)”
Zen: "(Surprised tone) I never know the Legion took control of Alterac.  I assumed they just destroyed everything."
Jehanne: "Oh yes. We were all very concerned with that at Ambermill."
Jendría: "(Soft sigh) Its not direct, of course... and few involved really realize who their ultimate masters are, but... there are visiting Orcs who are really in charge of the so-called Syndicate, and those Orcs are with the Shadow Council."
Zen: "Ah like the Scarlet Crusade secretly be controlled by Demons all along."
Jendría: "Indeed.  Just so.  (Sipping sound)  What prompted you to start doing these interviews, anyway?"
Zen: "Well the day I meet Tex he showed me the first audio recorder and explained how it worked.  It just kinda occurred to me that sitting down and talking to people while recording them would be a great way of getting to know folks.  Plus my memory isn't that great so it's nice to have a record. (Chuckling)”
Jendría: "(Soft giggle) That makes sense."
Jehanne: "Well, considering all you Kal’Dorei have to remember..."
Zen: "Indeed.  (Soft chuckle)  There was something I really wanted to ask...  What was it?  Ah yes!  Where did you find that great Sin‘Dorel costume?"
Jendría: "(Chortle) Well, it involves a Zandalari troll and a sayaad with a strange taste for going swimming in Azeroth's waters.  (Sipping sound)"
Jehanne: “(Laughing)”
Zen: "A troll?"
Jendría: "They wanted a challenge for practicing their transformation magicks, and I... well, I am already rather willowy.  It wasn't such a far stretch."
(Short pause)
Jendría: "Yes, one of the same tribe that you find on… Yojamba Isle, I think it's name is?  The ones who ally with anyone to try to stop Hakkar."
Zen: "Ah yes as opposed to the Dark Spear tribe which are part of the Horde.  I'm still confused though.  You mean this happened just before the costume contest?"
Jendría: "Not just before... not too long before I came to Stormwind, actually.  But the demon wanted to see me that way again that night, and she begged so piteously I couldn't bear to refuse."
Zen: "Demon?"
Katsuyael: “(Soft rumble)”
Jendría: "Yes, the sayaad - better known to you perhaps as a succubus."
Zen: "Ah yes, yes.  So the Troll granted you the ability to transform back and forth at will.  Can you demonstrate?"
Jehanne: "She sounds interesting; (Sipping sound) I'd like to meet her."
Jendría: "Hmm.  It is not precisely 'at will', and it takes more effort than I think I have in me right now, another time perhaps?"
Zen: "Ah alright, another time.  (Creaking sound) Well I suppose that's four or five questions in row I owe you now."
Jendría: "(Giggling) Oh, some of those I count as just clarification.  (Sipping sound)”
Jehanne: "May I ask one?"
Zen: "Go ahead Jehanne."
(Paw steps in the background)
Zen: "I think she likes you."
Jehanne: "Have you been to the Emerald Dream? I know some druids spent time in the barrow mounds...were you among them? And if so, what is it like there?"
Zen: "Well, actually I never entered the Dream.  I refused to in fact.  It's a very long story."
Katsuyael: “(Low, throaty purring)”
Jehanne: "Really? I figured it was an honor for your people. Strange."
Zen: "Well it is but I didn't really respect the elder Druids, or traditions at the time, and frankly it just didn't seem like a good idea to me, separating one's spirit from one's body."
Jehanne: "Yes...that can be an unpleasant experience."
Jendría: "(Soft sigh) I'm afraid I'm not so good at coming up with questions tonight."
Zen: "Well don't try and force just let them come to you.  It's what I do.  It is getting late though so perhaps we should wrap this up before another imp or spider shows up."
Jehanne: "(Chuckles) Don't worry, Nokuri's well occupied, but perhaps you're right."
Jendría: "(Soft chuckle and sipping sound) I suppose there is that."
Zen: "Are you happy with your path Jendría?  It seems due to your circumstance you had little choice---"  
Katsuyael: “Mrowl.  (Creaking sounds and loud sniffing)”
Zen: "Hold on cat agro, as Tex would say.  (Patting sounds and a sliding noise) Um if you could go back and follow a different path such as Mage or perhaps Paladin would you?  I asked you earlier why you choose your path but as we have learned more I realize you didn't really have much choice."
Jendría: "(Creaking sound) I think.... really, I almost was a mage, but my reasons for learning of demonology still stand.  I could wish the Legion had never learned of Azeroth, but without being able to make that sweeping a change, no, I think I would not choose a different path."
Zen: "Alright Jehanne, Katsu um cat girl, Jen, anything you would like to say or ask before we end this interview?"
Katsuyael: "Mrf (Creaking sound, a growl, rapid paw steps)."
Zen:  "Okay I guess that's a 'no' from Katsu then."
Jehanne: "No, that's all from me."
Jendría: "No, I'm still out of questions."
Zen: "Well if you ever have more feel free to ask.  Thanks for your time everyone."
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