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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Mirriar

(( Another in the series of in-character interviews by Zen. This one is of Mirriar, Jendria's love interest. ))

Zen: "Alright December 19th, about 11 in the evening; interview with Mirriar.  Dree is also here with us.  (Throat clearing sound) Alright can you tell us your full name, path, season, and age if you're comfortable?"
Mirriar: "(Low chuckle, and rustling sounds) Mirriar Starbranch, warrior of the eightieth season. I've seen nearly five hundred winters."
Zen: "How did you decide to become a Warrior? (Soft click then a liquid pouring sound)"
Mirriar: "Grew into it, I guess. I never had any aptitude for magic of any sort while I was younger, and so the life of a Sentinel and warrior seemed to be the most logical path."
Jendría: (Soft pleasurable sighs)
Zen: "You seem to be quite skilled at the art of foot massage, was that part of your training?"
Mirriar: "Well, kind of... our training did include not just first aid, but therapeutic massage... there wasn't always guarantee of magical healing, and it didn't always help sore muscles.."
Zen: "Well, I was joking just then.  (Short pause) Although that actually makes a lot of sense.  (Sipping sound) Well Dree since you're experiencing the techniques in question, tell us does Mirriar's massaging helping to easy your pains?"
Jendría: "(Soft giggling) Mmmhmmm.  Very much so.  It's heavenly.  (Sipping sound)"
Mirriar: "It’s also used to teach us about nerve points, to make us more effective combatants if the need arises… either armed or unarmed."
Zen: "In the field of battle any weakness the enemy has is one of your greatest strengths.  Alright now I've been wanting to ask about that tail of yours.  It looks almost like a cat form Druid's tail but you're not a Druid.  So how did you get it?"
Mirriar: "Ahh.. well…(Long pause) It was a gift from a... friend, long ago.  Back then, she said I had had the personality of a big cat, and... well...”
Jendría: (Soft giggle)
Zen: "Is this something you don't want recorded?"  
Mirriar: "More like, a part of my life that belongs in the past. Some heartache, some weirdness, and a bit of strangeness on top of that.  Plus, the exact details... aren’t the most pleasant of things to get into."
Zen: "Alright we don't have to go into detail if you don't want to.  Although I have to ask, did she do something to cause you to grow the tail, or did it come from another creature and it was attached to you?"
Mirriar: "(Soft chuckle) The former, primarily, although I believe the latter was used as a framework, sort of. I don't know the details, magic isn't my forte as I said, but she had extensive knowledge in what she called 'Vicissitude'.  I think it’s a Fel-word,  but I don’t know for sure either.  It was a painful process, as it had to be… grown, to function properly. S'why it's so sensitive to bites and tugs.”
Jendría: “(Stifled giggle and a sipping sound).”
Zen: "(Chuckling) Well I'll reframe from reminder yanks from now on.  Would you, or you friend happen to know how to remove a tail safely?  I know it's doubtful you would, but I have to ask.  See I have a Druid friend and she also has a tail but isn't quite as ... 'accepting' of it as you are."
Mirriar: "Who? (Murmuring) And... that seems to be a rather strange attitude from a druid.  (Normal tone) No idea... I suppose you could cut it off, but that could cause severe damage."
Zen: "It's Ellanae, she spends so much time in cat form, that it causes her side effects like that.  Actually I thought the tail was cute but she freights over it constantly.  (Sipping sound) How did you join our guild Mirriar?"
Mirriar: "(Short pause) Mm… I heard about the numerous skilled engineers who were a part.. Aurae, Leonu and Jandrith in particular - the gnome Master who taught me in Ironforge directed me to the hall. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented me from getting together with *any* of them to exchange notes and so forth…(Sigh)"
Zen: "Oh well I could set up a meeting with my buddy Tex he's an engineer, it might be tricky though ever sense he activated that quantum explodenator he tends to fade in and out of reality."
(A low rumble growing steadily lowered until a low pop, then a loud thud.)
 Zen "Yeah, like that actually.  Howdy Leo.  (Short pause) Why did you decide to become and engineer and can you tell us about some of the cool gadgets and stuff you've made?"
Mirriar: "Ahh... maybe. I've seen the results of some of Tex's inventions. (Short pause) I was asked that recently.  I couldn't come up with an answer. I guess maybe it was a mix of things, my lack of magical aptitude, and a long period of time with no association with my people and culture."
Leonu: “By the Light... (Grumbling then a loud thud).”
Mirriar: "Long night, Leonu?"
Leonu: “Oy... Don't really remember. I think the motorcycle backfired me through dimensions...”
Zen: "(Short pause) Yes the Kal’Dorei haven't really embraced technology.  Then again we do live on tree which is flammable and it seems a fair portion of engineering ... stuff tends to blow up and I don't mean on purpose.  (Chuckling) How long have you been away from your native lands?  I would assume as a Sentinel you would be there quite frequently as part of missions or other such business."
Mirriar: "Ahh. Uhm…  Until recently, at least, there was a period of about two hundred and fifty years where I was unable to return to Kal’Dorei lands. Give or take a decade.  I forget exactly."
Zen: "250 years?!  You're only 500, what on Azeroth happened?  Were you exiled?"
Mirriar: "(Short pause) No… I was captured during a clash between a unit of Sentinels and some barbarians in southern Winterspring... as none of the other survived; no one knew that I had been taken away. I was their servant for much of that time… literally generations of these barbarians keeping me captive..."
Zen: "(Creaking sounds) That's ... horrible... 250 years as a slave...  How did you survive that?"
Mirriar: "Not quite two-hundred and fifty... probably closer to two-hundred.  (Long pause) I fought it at first… the first couple of generations… years… were horrible. But in time, they started to look at me as a… status symbol, of sorts.  I was the only Kal’Dorei captive among the four steadings that existed back then. The treatment got better, and, I... I guess I got used to it. I was only 120 when I was captured. My old life just… vanished into the fog of time, so to speak."
Zen: "How did you regain your freedom?"
Mirriar: "(Soft patting sound) Interestingly, it was that status, of sorts, that helped, they got so used to me… and I them… that near the end,  before the steadings were destroyed, they released me from my servitude. At that point... I had lived most of my life among them… gotten to know them and their ways. Rather than abandon what had become a family, of sorts, I… joined them. I became one of their warriors. Mirriar of the Bearclaw Tribe, they called me."
Zen: "How long were you with the Bearclaw tribe, as one of their Warriors?"
Mirriar: "I don't remember exactly.. twenty, twenty five years?  By the end, I was training their young warriors.  (Slightly sad tone) They're gone now... an earthquake and avalanche destroyed all four of the steadings in about an hour’s time, while I was out hunting with several others... the great rift at the south end of Winterspring was the result of that."
Zen: "(Soft tone) Hmm.  (Long pause) Well let's change topics ... something happier.  How did you and Dree meet?"
Mirriar: "At the Dragon formally, though I had seen her about once or twice prior, if my memory serves me."
Zen: "(Soft chuckle) Quite a few of the couples in our guild have meet there actually.  (Short pause) It's a bit of an odd match though.  Dree is a demonologist, and the Night Elves have a long dark history with demon kind...  Um (short pause) has that ever been an issue for the two of you?  You don't have to discuss it if you don't want to; perhaps this is getting too personal.”
Mirriar: "It won't be a problem…  The Bearclaws used Warlocks long before I was there. I got used to them, and eventually even saw how they could be useful."
Jendría: “(Soft giggling)”
Zen: "I see, alright it's getting late so one last topic. (Sipping sound) During your time as a Bearclaw warrior how did you handle slaves?"
Mirriar: "You mean after I was adopted as a warrior?  I did my best to avoid it... by that time the practice was much reduced and usually only among warriors of opposing Clans, rather than civilians."
(Sounds of footsteps coming down a flight of stairs in the background)
Zen: "(Short pause)Did you ever think about attempting to end the practice altogether?  Perhaps using your status to try and convince them to set their slaves free?"
Mirriar: "I spoke with several of the tribal leaders over the years. I should note that it was a status of being exotic, rather than special. I didn't necessarily have any political clout."
Skyy: “(Tapping sound) What's wrong with him.”
Mirriar: "(Laughing) Apparently he had a good time at the Christmas Party.."
Skyy: “There was a party?  Why wasn't I invited?”
Zen: "Um Leo?  (Tapping sounds and a long pause) Well at the very least you tired.  Alright anything else you would like to say, or perhaps ask of me before we end the interview?  (Short pause) If you want to say or ask something feel free Dree."
Skyy: “(Metallic scraping sound) Why is he unconscious?”
Zen: "By the way listeners that's Skyy he's another member of our guild.  His question refers to Leo who’s passed out on the floor."
Leonu: “Could you keep it down? Your voice colors hurt.”
Mirriar: “Mm... I can't think of any questions offhand, aside from wondering why you insist on making new doors all the time.”
Zen: "That's a fair question.  Honestly I'm not sure, frankly it's almost like I don't completely control my cat form.  (Sipping sound) I guess I do it because I have a flair for the dramatic.  (Chuckling) Alright well thank you for your time Mirriar.
Skyy: “Hey there Zenjamin!  Am I interrupting?  I can leave.  That's cause the voice colors want to eat you!  They've already eaten your family.”
Zen: "No no Skyy you're fine we just finished actually."
Skyy: “In fact Leo.  You're already dead!”
Leonu: “Why would they hurt Mami and Papi?  (Groan)”
Skyy: You're actually a forsaken now.  Merry Christmas.
Leonu: “(Mumbling) That's why I can feel my bones...”
Mirriar: “(Soft laugher)”
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