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Zen's audio logs/interviews: Adriellyn

(( Another in the series of in-character interviews by Zen. ))

Zen: "February eleventh about eight in the evening, at the guild hall.  Interview with Adriellyn.  Can you start by telling us your full name, path, season and age if you're comfortable?  (Sipping sound)"
Adriellyn: "Me name be Adriellyn.  I be a summoner, but mos' people be callin' me a warlock.  I be nigh on 49 summers, an' season...  I be not trainin' so formal-like, but I be fightin' da Lich King's mates in da Ice crown Citadel.  Be ye makin' what season o' dat y'be wantin' to."
Zen: "I keep getting odd answers with that season question.  (Chuckles)  But yes I understand what you mean.  How did you decide to become a summoner?"
Adriellyn: "It not be decidin'.  It jus' were.  Da nether spirits, dey be talkin' t'me since I be but four."
Zen: "Ah I see.  Alright I have to ask this, and forgive me for being blunt, but I can't help but notice you talk a lot like a troll.  Why is that?"
Nerevan: “(Yawning).”
Adriellyn: "(Hearty laugh) Da neighbours be trolls, mon, on da islands, an' dey be teachin' me after da ships be takin' us, as well."
Zen: "The islands?  Do you mean the Echo Isles?  Were you raised by Trolls?"
Adriellyn: "Not da Echo Isles.  Da islands where I be born be in da southern seas.  An' me folks raised me, leastways until da ships be takin' us, but da trolls be talkin' wit' me even den.  We be playin' together, an' it make no diff'rence be ye human or troll."
(Footsteps going up a stair case)
Zen: "South seas, south seas...  So you actually lived on an island where humans and trolls co-existed?  Then at some point you were taken, I'm guessing by pirates?"
Adriellyn: "Aye.  I were seven summer den.  Da slavers be raidin' in force dat time.  Dey be comin' afore betimes, but not like dat time.  Dey take nor everone, ceptin' dose what fight too hard, an' be kilt."
Zen: "One day when you were seven years old the Slavers came in force.  (Short pause) What happened after you were captured?  Did you manage to free yourself?"
Adriellyn: "Not fer a long time, mon.  Da slaver ship be captured by other pirates, an' dey be takin' us as ship-slaves.  It be a long story, but dey start mis-treatin' deir own, an' not jus' us slaves.  It were ten years later an' dere be a mutiny, afore I be free."
Zen: "So the pirates who took you, were themselves captured by other pirates.  (Short pause) Well there's poetic justice for ya.  Ten years later in-fighting leads to mutiny and you used that event to escape."
Adriellyn: "Be not escapin', mon.  Be freed.  I were recruited inta da mutiny, an' offered a place in da new crew.  Dere be not'in' left on da islands t'be goin' back to, so I be acceptin'."
Zen: "Oh the um ... mutineers.  (Short pause) Well you were recruited to help fight for the mutiny, in exchange for your help they gave you freed and offered you a place in the crew.  Since you didn't have a home any more you accepted.  So what was it like being a pirate?"
Adriellyn: "What be it like not t'be?  It were da only life I be knowin' by den.  We be raidin' only on da slavers an' da like, so we be welcome most places we be goin'.  We be meetin' lots o' folk, an' be gettin' t'be on da high seas.  It were a good life."
Zen: "The group of pirates you were a part of were good guys and only attacked slavers, as such you group was well liked.  Are you still a member of the crew?"
Adriellyn: "I be all dat be left, mon.  After many year, dey be votin' me captain, but we be down too many crew by den.  Dey be hopin' dat me demons be enough t'be makin' up fer it, but it be not workin' dat way."
Zen: "Eventually you were chosen to be captain but by then the crew was too small to be a viable operation.  Sad, but the pirate life style generally doesn't lead to retirement, plus given your main operation was to target slavers your group probably made a lot of enemies.  There was hope your minions could help, but by then it was too late and I'm guessing you disbanded the group."
Adriellyn: "Dat be 'bout right.  I be tellin' dem we be not big enough, an' dey be not happy, but dey be leavin' anyway.  I be left wit' a ship an' dat be all."
Zen: "Wait so you still have the ship?"
Adriellyn: "Aye, when I be clearin' da squatters away.  Da bloodsail scum be tryin' t'be takin' it over, but I be showin' 'em da error o' dat path from time t'time."
Zen: "Ah I see.  Where's it docked?"
Adriellyn: "Stranglethorn.  Booty Bay were our home port, an' she be anchored a bit aroun' da coast."
Zen: "Ah different boat then.  Do you know Jehanne by chance?  She has a ship docked at Theramore."   
(Crashing sounds)
Ner: "Hi!"
Zen: "For the benefit of our listeners that Nerev... Nerevan's clone 'Ner' falling down the stairs."  
Adriellyn: "(Sipping sound) Aye, I be knowin' Jehanne.  We be sharin' a drink upon occasion, an' she be helpin' me clear da scum out o' da ship afore, too."
Zen: "How did you join our guild?"
Adriellyn: "I were part o' Tenacity when we be findin' our leaders be missin'.  Aleriel be invitin' us in, an' I be on what accepted.  It be helpin' dat I be knowin' several folk here afore."
Zen: "You joined when Tenacity broke up.  The guild recruited quite a few members that way.  (Short pause) You mentioned 'nether spirits' speaking to you earlier.  What do they say?"
Adriellyn: "(Chuckling) Dey be sayin' lots o' t'ings.  Lucky it were for me dat I be havin' da shaman aroun' t'be helpin' me back den.  Dey be teachin' me 'bout loa, an' about how t'be keepin' what be me separate from what be dem.  Den I be finally summonin' Gelpad, who were one o' da voices, an' t'ings be different after."
Zen: "Okay so you had a Shaman to help you understand the spirits early on.  Um... not sure what 'Ioa' is.  Gelpad is one of your minions, if he was the first one you summoned I'm guessing he's an imp, and after he was summoned the voices changed.”
Adriellyn: "Aye, Gelpad be an imp, I guess.  Da shaman were expectin' me t'be summonin' a loa, but dey be rollin' wit' what happen.  Gelpad be bound t'me by da way I be summonin', from da help o' da shaman, but he were a frien'ly voice afore, an' he be me friend still.  He be helpin' me t'be figurin' out da other voices, an' da summonin's."
Zen: "Oh!  So the voices were your minions... or rather the demons that would later become your minions right?"
Adriellyn: "Some o' dem be dat, aye.  Others... be wantin' t'be summoned, but dey be not so frien'ly.  Da shaman an' Gelpad, dey be helpin' me know da friends from da fiends."
Zen: "Some the voices were also evil demons trying to trick you in granting entry to our world.  Thankfully your Shaman friend and Gelpad were able to help you sort which to listen to and which to ignore.  (Sipping sound) Oh it's getting late, one last topic."
Adriellyn: “(Sipping sound).
Zen: "It seems you've really enjoyed your life as a pirate but in order to have gotten there you had to lose your home and endure ten years as a slave.  Was it worth it?  Or do you wish the raid had never happened and that you were still living on that island in the South Seas?"  
Adriellyn: "(Short pause) Dere be lots o' might-a-been's in da world.  It be right hard t'be sayin' fer sure.  Me friends what I be havin' now be ones I be likely not knowin' if da raids be not comin'.  (Sighing) But me mum, da, an' Jamesie ... dat be a tough one.  I be not knowin'."
Zen: "I know how you feel.  I lost my family to Scourge but that path lead to this family.  Alright is anything else you would like to say or ask before we end the interview?"
Adriellyn: "(Sipping sounds and a short pause) I be not t'inkin' o' any more, mon."
Zen: "Thank you for your time."
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