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Better guild news

The ongoing saga with my old and new guilds is now better than I'd had reason to hope this time last week. We had someone who used to belong to the old guild contact us. It will now have proper leadership. We wound up with one of my characters (Feyanna) as the guild mistress of the old guild until we hold the "passing of the keys" ceremony in-character Monday evening. I feel much better about this resolution to the fate of that guild, and I'm really hopeful that we'll be able to have a guild alliance with them afterward, as well.

The old guild (Shadow of the Moon) had a schism of sorts (along with some other bits of ebb and flow) back long before I'd heard of them. One set of people went off to form a guild called Keepers of the Lore. That guild is packing up, en masse, to return to SotM, and KotL's guild leader will be the new leader of SotM. This means we get to leave a guild which has proven leadership, and which will have enough members to be viable. These are both points on which I'd been quite concerned even before the guild meeting at which the announcement was made that the officer corps was leaving to form Renewal.

The new (to-be) guild leader (Allisyn) has extended quite the olive branch to us (Renewal), as well. Given SotM's core values of "Family, Benevolence, Charity", this doesn't surprise me a whole lot. Those are good values, and we nearly took them verbatim with us into Renewal. (For a couple of us, it was too much of a reminder, so we wound up with a different list, but one that's compatible.) The notion of a guild alliance will be up to the guild memberships, of course, and not just the leaders of the two guilds - or it'd already be a done deal.

Allisyn has also asked for bits of history from anyone who's been an officer in SotM since her previous membership, in order to ensure that the contributions of those officers are recognised and not forgotten. Specifically, I was told of "one last request", and wound up with this in my chat log:
[22:58:56] [P] [80:Allisyn]: As time allows, would you be kind to accumulate a brief history of the guild underneath your officer's stewardship. I'd wish to see it kept as part of the guild history. Your care should not go forgotten.
[22:59:01] [P] [80:Allisyn]: I see some of it on wow wiki.
[22:59:26] [P] [80:Allisyn]: And the words there made me feel good.
I think that was a beautiful request, and it's part of why I feel so good about this transition for SotM.
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