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Back but sick
Adri prime
So, I made it back on schedule (could have used getting bumped, but it didn't happen). Instead, I got to wait for several hours in Phoenix waiting to see whether I'd get bumped (so I couldn't wander far away), and had a couple sitting next to me who were sharing a cold. Of course, I got stuck between two guys on the flight who had restless elbows and no reasonable sense of violating personal space even when awake, so I got no sleep, but got more of the cold germs in the recirculated air. End result, being very sick all weekend and still running a fever as I write this. So much for any plans for the weekend. Glad I hadn't made any firm commitments for it.

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I didn't even have to go on a trip - my boss delivered her cold right to the office.

Sounds as though you had a lovely trip wherein you were given the business. Get better soon.

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