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Computer Woes
Adri prime

Since my absence from certain games has come up, I figured I'd post some explanation. My computer was configured through IBuyPower. It turns out, so far as I can tell, that it has too little power supply for all that's in it. Games that max the graphics card out eventually (or sometimes now even quickly) cause it to shut down unceremoniously, usually restarting right away.

At first, because this is tied to high graphics use and fans running, I took it as a poorly-implemented over-temp protection feature (and was still pissed). But, looking at the temps at which it happens and the specs, I'm pretty sure it's not overtemp - it's too much power in use by CPUs, disc drives, GPU, and the fans all at once. It's closely correlated with GPU temp as reported in my system tray by SpeedFan, but sometimes it even happens at a mere 81C, but with the fans spinning like mad. It seems to have been getting worse over time - whether from actual damage or because games are slowly getting more graphics-intensive I'm not sure.

Anyway, there are very few games I can play for any length of time now, and even WoW (which used to "run on a toaster") now sometimes trips the problem. It's only WoW and DCUO right now, of the MMOs I have and care at all about, that I can play. CoH/CoV trip the problem too soon for me to get anything done. LotRO trips it within minutes. AoC I can play, but don't really care about. CO, now that they're f2p, I might be able to play, but I never liked the way it looks. GW trips the problem too soon. AO nobody else plays, and it's hard to get back into it for solo play. And I've stopped paying for anything else, and don't see a need to start again. (Even some of those listed are in f2p mode for me already.)

So, these days, if you want to find me in-game, it has to be in DCUO or WoW. I wish I could still play City, but I can't until I can afford both cash and downtime to upgrade my power supply. ):

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Wells heres to hoping you can afford a new power supply in your near future.

Till then have fun how you can. I am in WoW too, but I doubt I am on your server. The problem with like a 1000 servers :P

Anyways... catch ya around city perhaps when things get sorted out... or somewhere.

x Jeremy M.

Yeah, I'm mostly on Sisters of Elune and Wyrmrest Accord.

I am on Borean Tundra and Thorium Brotherhood.

x Jeremy M.

I'm really surprised GW sucks enough juice to cause your problem. The game is so happy on such a low end machine (as long as your vid card has T&L anyway). At least as components go a PSU is reasonably replaceable.

I gave GW another shot. I'm not sure what the problem was before, but it seems to work. Now, if only I had any clue what I was doing in it. I hate landscapes that can't be traversed logically - which is what I was just faced with.

I'm used to the 'stuck on the ground' method from Final Fantasy XI. At least the pathing when you mouse-click isn't too bad. If I can't figure out how to get somewhere I try clicking and sometimes I find I can climb visually insurmountable bumps!

I have always felt figuring out what to do next in Guild Wars was one of the biggest problems. If there's anything specific I can help you out with, let me know! I haven't been in much lately due to DCU and the double xp in CoH but I have plenty of characters all over the place!

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