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laptop update
Adri prime
Well, I'm still without my laptop. I've been playing from a borrowed/shared computer, and its graphics card sucks. So I'm not teaming as much as usual, since I can't keep up when things start flying. I miss my mastermind's pets, since I had lag-beating strategies for CoV. So, come midnight, I guess it'll be back to villainy for me for a while. I may not like the cruddy graphics card I'm stuck using, but at least I like the games still. (:
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any idea how long until you get your laptop back?

They've finally picked it up for service, but it could easily be another week before I get it back. Worse yet, it might have been the system disk, which means I'll have to re-load an awful lot of stuff onto it. If I'm lucky, it's "only" the motherboard.

Ouch! Failed drives are a pain... :(

Hopefully it is "just" the mobo or something else without moving parts inside it ;)


OK, so, you know that big ugly noisy tower in my living room that does the relatively incredible graphics?

Cost me $250. Bought it off a friend who was upgrading his own box.

Might be worth budgeting some or looking for a similar situation.

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