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hospitals are not good for sleeping
Adri prime
It's true. My doctor confirmed it. Anyway, for those who might care but didn't already know, I spent most of this last week in the hospital for pneumonia, pleurisy, and partial lung collapse. A fun time was had by none.

Some of you may remember that I commented on the LJ global channel that pneumonia was no fun on Saturday the 17th. Well, here's how the events led up to that.

The longer version is that I came down with a 'flu or something Sunday (just about two weeks ago). It seemed to be passing ok, except that I was having some trouble breathing and some pain in odd places. I figured maybe I'd strained a muscle, but it kept spreading. By Friday it was obvious I was not healthy, but that was a nasty slushy day, and I thought maybe I'd either get over it or at least be able to tough it out until Monday. (By the time the driveway was clear enough to have taken me somewhere, it would have been the e-room anyway). HMOs being what they are, I didn't want to eat an e-room bill if I didn't need to. Well, by late Saturday, I was really hurting, and tried to take a nap. I determined that I wasn't going to breathe while lying down, and got up again. My housemate took me into the e-room about 1am, and after the usual weekend e-room triage folderol, chest X-rays, etc., I was admitted by 6am. Morphine and prednisone are wonderful vs. pleurisy. Too bad I didn't get to keep those going. :=P Anyway, got discharged about noon on Thursday. I'm now home with a nebulizer and a pile of drugs and new inhalers. Such fun. Still not lying down to sleep, but that's mostly because of how much it hurts to get up again afterward when I haven't had Motrin or Percocet before trying.

So now I'm under doctors' orders to have a quiet Christmas, and not to try being more than about half-time at work for a while. At least I finally got my 'flu vaccine out of this....

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I am glad you are on meds now and getting better. I was starting to worry about you going *poof* for so long, but I was hoping you were busy with family stuff. Damn. :(

Seriously, really really glad you are on the mend.

Thanks, hon. *most* of the time, I'm glad to be on the mend, too. (:

*hugs* Stuff you missed online:

presents galore in game, log in and get yours and do your hat missions.
Gf is only a couple of bars from 50.
Nox is 46

ummmm that's about it really.

Yeah, I told the people online that you were in hospital with pneumonia, but apparently it didn't get to everyone.

And, by the way, are you NOW going to remember to take your inhalers?

Glad you're doing better now :)

Get some rest and take those meds!

Wow. Where have I been!? No more getting sicky, you take it easy. =)

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