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Seriously pissed off at CoH right now

I just started getting my 15-20 tier contacts. So I go talk to Virgina Hoffman in west Steel, 'cause I don't remember her wanting me to go do overly stupid things (read: vahzilok) from the few times I've dealt with her before. After half an hour, I still don't know whether I remember right, because of the level 15 crap they've added, some of it fresh with I8. "Go from west boondocks in Steel to south bumfuck in Skyway to talk to the pvp timewaster, to read red text they could have told you about from this contact if they'd been nice, and yes you have to do this even though it's the fiftieth time and you already knew the FIRST time that you have an active disinterest in pvp." Ok, go do that shit, and hoof it back to Steel because, as alluded to above, this is a new contact with no phone privileges yet. "Oh, now, you get to go fuck with the new faultline even though you've no real interest in that either after your experiences on test or with other characters, back in south Skyway again - and still with no alternative and no way to get a real mission from this contact." I've said it since the fifth time I had to go see David Wincott - there should be a "no thanks, what else do you have" option for these damned "we couldn't think of a better way to splice in this content than by interrupting your progress in what you were doing" extra contact introductions. As in, "Fine, you've given me the letter of introduction, now how about a fucking MISSION!" ::sigh:: Yes, I'm severely hacked off at the CoH devs right now, and posting this only to my own journal because, even if I cleaned up the language, nobody else is likely to care about my rant.
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