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Character Intro: Ashila Icereaver

[ Dossier acquired from the Ravenholdt Manor ]

Name: Ashila Icereaver of Clan Stonefist
Nickname: Ash
Race: Dwarf (Mountain)
Occupation: Scout for SI:7
Class: Rogue

Age: 43
Height: 4 feet 5 inches
Weight: 146 lbs
Eyes: soft blue
Hair: Red, shading to orange
Skin Tone: originally creamy, but some effects of spending too much time in the wilderness and weather are starting to take their toll

Birthplace: Outside Kharanos
Wanderer; no fixed location; her personal mail is listed as "Ironforge general delivery", though her 'business' dispatches she picks up at SI:7 headquarters in Stormwind.

Family: none known
Professions: herbalist / skinner

Distinguishing Marks/Items:
Marks- There are faint scars, some recent, covering her fingers and the backs of her hands.  She likely has others, but she seldom shows more skin than that.

Items- She wears multiple small rings in each ear.

Favorite Food: She's rather eclectic in what she'll eat.
Favorite Drink: Dwarven stout
Favorite Colour: Charcoal grey
Favorite Weapon: Daggers
Favorite City: Ironforge
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with friends; fishing; cooking; practicing her skills
Personal Hero: none yet
Hated Foes: The Syndicate

Introverted/Extroverted? Fairly introverted
Intuitive/Sensing? Intuitive
Thinking/Feeling? Thinking
Judgemental/Perceiving? Judgemental

Ashila was born to a struggling blacksmith's apprentice and his leatherworking wife in a crude hovel on the outskirts of Kharanos before the First War.  She grew up with inadequate supervision, though she seldom got into trouble.  Her near-misses were largely owing to learning how to seem the innocent, and how to manipulate people, but she was also smart enough not to bite off more than she could chew.

When the Horde drove the dwarves back into the mountain, her childhood home was destroyed.  Ash, her younger brother, and their maternal grandmother were all of her immediate family to make it into the gates of Ironforge in time.  Her older brother, parents, and other nearby relatives perished in the onslaught.  Her grandmother has since succumbed to a combination of age and heart-weariness, and the younger brother took to soldering, but wasn't as careful (or as lucky) as his sister, and died fighting orcs in the Wetlands.

It's hard to get details on just when Ash started working for SI:7, especially since she usually makes it sound like she's just doing an odd job or two as a favour to Shaw, rather than being on their rolls proper.  Her "odd jobs" have been going on for years now, however, and it's clear that she really is part of that organisation, though she's often on extended scouting missions for them lasting several weeks at a time.

She is quietly assertive when she needs to be, and seems to be of rather even temperament overall, though that may be only from limited observation.  In gatherings, she participates when she chooses, but is quite willing to be the "fly on the wall" as well, and seems to tire of people sooner than might be expected.  The time she spends alone in the wilderness on her SI:7 missions likely suits her nature well, and probably accounts for continued association with that group despite its focus on human concerns over dwarven ones.
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