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War Wall defender mish mess-up ::sigh::
Adri prime
What I petitioned:
Road To, Gothfather, and I just got kicked from my war wall defender mish after the status indicator said we had saved the 3 machines, and had 5 engineers left to rescue. We got no indication why it failed. What's wrong? Is it a bug?
The response I got:
Thank you for contacting the City of Heroes support team. It is possible that a wandering patrol attacked one of the machines which would have caused the mission to fail. This could have happened without you realizing it and is often a common cause of this mission failing. Currently this mission is working as designed but we do apologize for the frustration that this issue has caused. Please contact us if you have any further questions or problems.
OK, so why does the mission indicator make it look like you're "safe" on those machines, then? At least my petition got me the badge, as well as that response. This is now the second mish where I've had trouble with (basically) the status text in the nav bar. Which, for a game with so much content, and at level 35 out of 50, really isn't too bad, I guess. It just frustrated the heck out of me the night it happened (Tuesday? Wednesday? I forget). C'est la vie.

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The holder of the mission always gets the badge... your teammates will not if the mission fails. The annoying thing is that there are wandering patrols that will agro the machines when you are no where near them in that mission.

Thing is, I didn't get the badge right away. I sent my /petition, then ran from the yellow line in KR to IP, and got the badge as I zoned. So, correct guess or no, it looked like I got it in response to my /petition. Anyway, my teammates already had the badge, and were just helping me to get mine, so it's all ok from that perspective.

Yeah, when I got my badge it was after the time alotted had run out even though the team had been kicked for failing to defend a machine too. You may have gotten yours for the petition, or it may have just been the way the badge is given out... *shrug* gratz on the badge anyway :)

Did you just refer to CoH as a game with 'so much content'?

Plz tell me that was sarcasm.

Compared to the other MMOs I've played? Sorry, but I'm serious. It does have content. Most of it higher level, which doesn't help the low-level grind for altoholics like me, but there's a lot of neat story-lines in it.

The mission even when failed will give you the badge (if you are the mission holder). It took me 3 tries to successfully complete the mission, at that point I had the badge, it was just a matter of stubborn pride. (I think it took a lot of booming...)

I got the badge... after failing that mission 3 times.

I hate that freakin' thing. >.< It's like I have to convince a level 50 to come with me because they'll be able to just AoE everything on the map to death before they get the wise idea of attacking anything.

I actually ran into a similar situation with a mission I ran with my level 41 alt, one of the early Malta missions. There are two containers worth of evidence you have to save, but once you save the crate it remains activated and any stray opponents will get aggro'ed to it and whack it after it's been "saved". I actually lost the mission and had to reset it because a runner got pulled in and whacked the first crate. This happened about a week after the War Walls thingy.

Great. And thanks for the heads-up. So, lots of missions that appear to be 'stealth' are really 'kill-all', I guess. Not quite sure how I feel about that.

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