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  • Tue, 23:50: RT @joviellety: I'm seeing "draw more backgrounds" on a lot of people's art resolution lists, so -- as someone who used to be scared of dra…
  • Wed, 09:39: RT @BUGPOSTING: always thinking about how the US Geological Survey couldn’t classify this bee so they put its genus and species into their…
  • Wed, 09:42: RT @joviellety: Hello~ If you're a beginner and want to work on your art in the New Year but can't afford to take classes or buy technical…
  • Wed, 10:53: RT @solvemymaths: 2019 is the smallest number that can be written in 6 ways as the sum of the squares of 3 primes: 7² + 11² + 43² = 2019…
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    Sat, 00:43: RT @ SoVeryBritish: It’s a free UK post weekend on all in the Very British Problems shop! Offer ends Sunday at midnight!…

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    Wed, 08:51: RT @ dduane: ...I missed this yesterday! So here we go. :)

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    Wed, 09:04: RT @ SoVeryBritish: Not long now until that one magical brisk walk on January 1st undoes all the calories!

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