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Character Intro: Adriellyn

Name: Adriellyn (pronounced ADD-ree-Ellen)
Nicknames: Adri
Race: Human
Occupation: Ship's quartermaster for the Argent Dawn
Class: Warlock

Age: 47
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: mahogany
Skin Tone: dusky, nearly black

Birthplace: A south sea island off the coast of Stranglethorn

Family: (all deceased)
Professions: tailor / enchantrix

Distinguishing Marks/Items:
Marks- None that don't seem like normal signs of aging and living a life that sees plenty of combat.

Items- She tends to keep various gold earrings in, and yet still uses fishbones by preference for putting up her hair.

Favourite Food: She's rather eclectic in what she'll eat.
Favourite Drink: Rum
Favourite Colour: Bright blues, greens and reds
Favourite Weapon: Staff, when she must; prefers her spells
Favourite City: Booty Bay
Favourite Pastime: Sewing and weaving; cooking; fishing
Personal Hero: All too aware that anyone will have feet of clay -- the closest she comes with anyone living would be Tirion Fordring
Hated Foes: Slavers; Bloodsail Buccaneers; The Burning Legion; The Scourge

Introverted/Extraverted? Moderately introverted
Intuitive/Sensing? Intuitive
Thinking/Feeling? Thinking
Judgmental/Perceiving? Judgmental

Adri's childhood was spent playing in lagoons and swimming and boating between a small set of islands which her people shared with some peaceful trolls.  The troll shamans found an interested pupil in her for summoning the Loa, though her results didn't always match their expectations.  Upon occasion, the peaceful existence was disturbed by pirate and slaver raids, but those were of limited scope and had no direct impact upon the girl until her seventh year.  That time, the ships came in significant numbers, and the crews did not just pick off stragglers.  There was bloody fighting, and nearly all the survivors were taken.  Adri's entire immediate family were among those taken, quickly finding themselves locked into being slaves aboard the ships.

The slaves were, as a whole, used hard, and many died.  Additional raids kept the complement up to the standards of their harsh masters.  Eventually, thanks to the tastes and habits of the slavers, most of the captives were women.  Eight years had passed, and one of the slaves, named Mariel, organised a rebellion.  Thanks to how many of them had some fighting training (including the surviving trolls), and Adri's secretly-gained skills, the rebellion was successful.

After discussion among the women, all the men were put ashore, at sword-point when necessary.  They would brook not even the chance of further ill-use by men.  Anyone else who wanted to go ashore was allowed to do so, but many of them only knew a life at sea, or at least had no home calling for their return.  The newly-formed crew elected Mariel as their captain, and set about a career as secondary pirates -- they preyed upon pirate and slaver ships, with an emphasis on trying to eliminate the slavers as best they could.  Adri quickly rose in the esteem of her crewmates and her captain, and was made first mate within two months.

After several years, thanks to their high-combat mode of piracy, the "Booty Babes" (as they'd come to be known) wound up being unable to afford needed repairs on their ship.  In months of enforced landlubbing, Mariel found love and a family, and many of the crew found themselves enjoying being on land once again.  Adri was the new captain, but she found herself without enough crew to keep the operation viable, as well as still being short on funds.  After only a few further voyages, the group broke up by mutual assent.

The warlock started travelling the world, then, and met up with many old friends from rescuing people on the high seas.  In particular, she renewed her friendship with a one-time crewmate, a knight of the Silver Hand.  The paladin and warlock pair took their fight against the enemies of Azeroth wherever they found the need, and when the Dark Portal re-opened, they heeded that call as well.  After much battle in the Outland, and then on the Isle of Quel'Danis, they have now turned their eyes to Northrend, along with so many others.  The Lich King's stirring is a clear and present danger, and Kil'jaeden seems to be biding his time -- for now.
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