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Character Intro: Asmerglis

Name: Asmerglis (pronounced like: AZ-mur-Gleece)
Nicknames: As, Asmer
Race: Kal'dorei
Occupation: Knight of the Ebon Hold
Class: Death Knight

Age: (not revealed)
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 142 lbs
Eyes: glowing ice blue
Hair: white-blonde
Skin Tone: deep violet

Birthplace: (not revealed)
SotM manor

Family: (not revealed)
Professions: herbalist / alchemist

Distinguishing Marks/Items:
Marks- Haggard lines mark her face and skin, showing the effects of the transformation process that made her a death knight.  No other distinguishing marks are known.

Items- Nothing particularly distinctive as yet.

Favourite Food: She's rather eclectic in what she'll eat.
Favourite Drink: Various wines, when she can afford good ones
Favourite Colour: Bright blues and greens
Favourite Weapon: Two-handed swords
Favourite City: Stormwind
Favourite Pastime: Spending time with her new-found friends
Personal Hero: Highlord Tirion Fordring
Hated Foes: The Scourge

Introverted/Extroverted? Moderately introverted
Intuitive/Sensing? Intuitive
Thinking/Feeling? Feeling
Judgemental/Perceiving? Perceiving

Asmerglis has not spoken of the time before she was made a death knight, though she has hinted that she was corrupted by the Lich King's whispers and promises, and 'turned' willingly at the time.  She may have been  turned during the battle of Mount Hyjal, or shortly thereafter, based on what few hints she's dropped of her past.  She does remember the things she's done for the Scourge, and clearly is disgusted by those memories.  She seems almost to worship Highlord Tirion Fordring, giving him credit in quite glowing terms for restoring her freedom to her.

Slightly short for a Kal'dorei woman, Asmerglise carries herself well, and was probably a striking beauty before Arthas got ahold of her.  Now, however, most people cannot get past the aura that clings to her, and the average person is at least uneasy around her, as are most animals.  Her voice sounds almost as though it originates from another world, and it almost seems to have an echo even when she's speaking quietly.
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