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Character Intro: Feyanna Mistwarden

(( It occurs to me that this intro is no longer visible to most of this guild, so I'm putting it here. ))

Name: Feyanna Mistwarden
Title: Initiate
Race: Kal'dorei (night elf)
Class: Druid

Age: 10,000-14,000 years, give or take (she doesn't remember exactly)
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: glowing white-yellow with a faint azure tint; set in green markings slightly darker than her hair that cover most of her cheeks
Hair: green with hints of yellow, reminiscent of plants in tidal pools
Skin Tone: quite tan for a night elf; about medium for a human

Hometown: lost beneath the sea in the sundering
Family: no close family survives since the destruction of Nordrassil
Professions: skinner / tribal leatherworker

Distinguishing Marks/Items:
Marks- Besides the facial markings typical of night elves, there are faint, old scars on the backs of her hands.  Similar scars are on her arms and legs, but she almost always keeps those covered.  Also, there are lines starting to show around her eyes, showing signs of her age.

Items- small loops in her ears, varying from time to time.

Favorite Food: Currently, Golden Darter, but she's not terribly picky
Favorite Color: Silver; azure; pink
Favorite Weapon: her magic, or her claws
Favorite City: The Exodar
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with friends and loved ones; reading; trying on new clothes; fishing; cooking
Personal Hero: Tyrande Whisperwind; Jaina Proudmoore
Hated Foes: The Burning Legion

Introverted/Extraverted? Mostly balanced, but tends to introversion
Intuitive/Sensing? Intuitive
Thinking/Feeling? Feeling
Judgemental/Perceiving? Perceiving

Feyanna was born about twenty years before Azshara became queen of the Kal'dorei.  During her childhood, her family noticed a proclivity for healing arts, and sent her to the Temple of the Moon in Suramar.  This suited her for a while, but she found herself more attracted to the druidic ways than the priestly ways while studying and serving there.  She travelled to learn more of druidism, and was thus spared from death in the Sundering.  She served in auxiliary and support capacity for the Sentinels during the Long Vigil, and again during the battle of Mount Hyjal.  Her remaining family was also there at Mount Hyjal in various capacities... and only Feyanna now survives of that line.

The loss of her family finally pushed her to a stronger motivation to improve herself.  She has worked more diligently at her training and in performing assigned tasks, or finding tasks that need doing.  She still struggles with a feeling of having let her family down somehow, which also keeps her motivated to keep improving herself.

Sometimes her age gets the better of her, and she gets a bit lost in her memories.  To combat this, she strives "to live in the 'here and now'", which sometimes makes her seem rather flighty or even hedonistic.  She is simply trying not to let the weight of her years make her a living fossil, however, rather than indulging herself wantonly.
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